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New product alert! Earlier this month DEVINAH COSMETICS released a line of six matte bronzers designed to suit all skin tones! They’re 57 mm pans that come packaged in clear compacts. They’re retailing for $20 but the code brings them down to $16. They’re all matte and she was conscious of creating something for every skin tone so there’s a wide range of colors here. For reference my skin is NC30-NC35. The first set swatches were done with flat shader brush and then I blended them out a bit for the bottom two.

KEONE is a dark neutral to cool brown.  I’m going to estimate that it would be appropriate for NW47-NW55. And these are all just guesses. I haven’t tested these on anyone other than myself. So I apologize if I’m way off.

MISA is a dark hickory brown. It’s a little more warm than KEONE. And I think it would work for NC42 to NC50. Again this is just a guess. 
TARAN is a neutral to cool walnut brown (NC37- NC42)

MASAGO is warm tawny brown (NC30- NC37)

HAVILAH is a light tan with subtle taupe undertones (NC25- NC35)
SANDBAR is a light cool taupe (NC15- NW20)

On myself I’d use MASAGO. HAVILAH would work too but it’s a little lighter and more cool than I prefer. The texture of these powders is very silky. The lighter shades have a bit more kick up than the dark. They all have nice, buildable pigmentation. They’re not sheer but they’re also not so pigmented that you end up looking streaky. And there’s a great color selection. Not an orange in the bunch! I’m very impressed with formula and I’m pretty sure that these will be my go to bronzers of summer ’17!

So what do you guys think?? It’s getting to be bronzer season! Will you be taking any of these guys home with you? 

Link to purchase here

And don’t forget that our affiliate code BEAUTYCULT will save you 20%!


  1. Sandbar looks like it might be a really good fit for me. I avoid bronzers but I think I have to try this. When you talk about skin tone as nc17 (or is that just a movie rating?) or whatever, what are you referring to? I don’t know what that is.


    • Ha! I’m sorry. That’s that the Mac foundation classification system. I worked there a zillion years ago so I’m still somewhat familiar with it. And it’s one of the more commonly known ways to label skin tones.


      • Well that explains it. I don’t have a Mac store that is convenient to where I live. Funny this came up when it did because I’ve been curious about Mac foundation lately. Do the Mac employees help you determine your shade?


      • Yup! They’ll color match you at the store. Or there’s tons of guides you can find online. Their system is opposite of most. NC (neutral cool) is yellow undertones and NW (neutral warm) is pink.


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