Last week Makeup Geek came out with 9 new foiled eyeshadows and 9 new fall eyeshadows. Yesterday I posted a review and swatches of the fall shades and today we’re looking at the foiled shadows!

 All of the colors are seriously gorgeous but I found the formula to be a little bit inconsistent. I’ll elaborate as we go along…

LEGEND is a warm coppery bronze. The formula is excellent, crazy color pay off and very easy to apply. Colorwise, it’s in between UNTAMED and FLAMETHROWER 

CURTAIN CALL is a bright cranberry red and the formula on this one is good as well. It’s lighter and brighter than SHOWTIME 

NOSTALGIC is a light ballet pink. The formula is a little… crumbly? It’s soft and easy to pick up too much product. Which you can sort of tell from the finger swatches. It’s definitely not bad, it’s just not as amazing as some of the others. It’s more pink than starry eyed and warmer than WHIMSICAL 

SORCERY is described as a deep slate. It’s a really interesting color, kind of deep grayish blue green. And again, the formula is excellent 

PLOT TWIST is a medium periwinkle. It’s pretty similar to CHIT CHAT but a little more purple and metallic. It has a bit of a duochrome effect, appearing purple or blue depending on the angle. The formula on this one is tricky. It’s more creamy than most of the others and as a result, it’s difficult to get an even application with a brush. It applies better using your fingers. 

HYPE also has a bit of a duochrome effect. Depending on the angle, it can look purple or plum.

TAKE TWO is deep brown with strong olive undertones. The formula is exceptional and the color pay off is amazing. 

LIME LIGHT was the problem child out of the bunch for me. If you look at the lower photo, you can sort of see the texture of the pan is different from the others, not as smooth. The formula is almost too creamy and it was difficult to get an even application using a brush. I had better luck using my finger and it’s not terrible by any means. It’s just not the formula that I expect from this line.

EPIC is a deep emerald green with a bit of a blue cast. It’s one of my favorites out of these 9 and it reminds me a bit of SECRET GARDEN 

Next I’ll be swatching all 29 of MUG’S foiled shadows so you can see how the new shades compare to the older ones.

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