New Nail Polish by Polish Me Pretty!

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Newness! Polish Me Silly (tap here for their etsy) is the nail polish brand I featured in my igtv the other day and I’m so excited to welcome it to our fam!!!

You can save 10% on their Etsy with affil code BEAUTYCULT.

The box came beautifully packaged, gave me solid party feels with colorful confetti and every item individually bubble wrapped.

The shades are SOOO CUTE!

Lets go into each one! I’m specially loving the color changing “BERRY BLAST” which applies as a pink with glitter specks in pinks and purple and turns to purple the moment it touches cold liquids!! I did a little demo on my stories on instagram (now on highlights).

Berry Blast

Their best seller FUNFETTI brings on the chunky confetti that applies with a clear base, excellent to be worn on its own or on top of any shade.


HAYWIRE is a white based funfetti similar but instead of regular ole circles and stars, it had hexagons and possibly my second favorite.

Funfetti – Haywire

HYPNOTIC is a bright champagne glitter with a clear base, however it is very dense so you don’t really need a base color.


CHASING RAINBOWS is a silver holographic polish that goes on súper smooth (I fear silver polish because it’ll go uneven unless you’re mad skilled at applying your polish) this went on nicely and one coat took all the pigment needed for a disco ball effect.

Chasing Rainbows
Hypnotic – Chasing Rainbows

JINX is a top coat with oil slick effect glitters, pairs well with PARADISE: a mega multichrome shade that varies between purple, teal and magenta.


BUBBLEGUM is a baby pink with shimmer


DREAMY a sky blue shade with shimmer


So far I did skittle nails to test them and been doing some cleaning around the house, it’s day 3 and no chipping with 2 layers of each shade!!!. DONT FORGET TO SAVE 10% WITH CODE BEAUTYCULT: they have new color changing ones releasing too!!

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