Huda Beauty Pastel Violet Obsessions Palette Dupes!

Huda Beauty Pastel Violet Obsessions Palette Dupes!

*This post contains some affiliate links. The palette was purchased but most (if not all) of the dupes mentioned were received in pr

Three things before we get started…

1.- my standard disclaimer- if you like every shade in this palette and you don’t already have similar shades in your collection then, by all means, get the palette. It would be more expensive and a pain in the ass to buy 9 single shadows from different brands. These types of posts are for the people who love 1 or 2 colors and would rather spend $5 on a single shadow than $30 on a palette. Also if you have a lot of makeup chances are that if you look through your current collection, you’ll discover that you already have similar colors

2. I was having a really difficult time getting color pay off from most of the shimmers in all 3 huda pastel palettes so I sort of bootleg re-pressed them. I took a metal spatula and broke them up and stirred them around a bit and then used the spatula to smash them back down. They look kinda fugly now but it actually made a big difference and they’re performing a lot better now.

3. Our code BEAUTYCULT will save you money with the following brands mentioned in this post: ColourPop (10%, affiliate), Devinah (20%, affiliate), Adept Cosmetics (15%, affiliate) and Sydney Grace (15%, non-affiliate). We also have a non-affiliate code: BEAUTYCULT10 with Clionadh. I’m almost positive that it doesn’t apply to the Stained Glass collection but it should work for most of their other stuff

▪️1 vs ColourPop Friendly ($4.50)- 1 is a mid-toned pinky lavender matte. These two look identical to me but Friendly is a lot more pigmented

Other options- Inglot 392, Devinah Naz, CP Kittenfish, MUG Carnival, Sydney Grace Haven

▪️2 vs Clionadh Tracery (C$10 or $7.20usd)- 2 is a semi-sheer sparkly violet that shifts pink and lavender. Initially I was going to use Clionadh Stencil but it has a periwinkle shift that 2 doesn’t have. Tracery shifts the same colors as 2 but it’s lighter and more opaque

Other options- Clionadh Stencil, Adept Cosmetics D8, Beauty Escape Grape Soda, Devinah Lust, CP Neutrino, Devinah Charmed, Clionadh Lofty, CP Ripple

▪️3 vs Devinah Kazookles ($8)- 3 is a sheer, sparkly, cool toned pink that shifts lavender and gold. Kazookles has a similar finish but more intense color pay off and a stronger lavender shift

Other options- CP Soul-cialize, Beauty Escape Morning Sprite, Clionadh Glazed, CP Haze, CP Steele, CP Cherries Jubilee

▪️4 vs Clionadh Honeycrisp (C$6.50 or $4.67usd)- 4 is a sparkly coral pink. Honeycrisp is a similar color but it’s more opaque and not as sparkly. CP Birthday Treat SSS is a perfect dupe but it was released in very limited quantities

Other options- Inglot 702, Devinah Kori, Clionadh Blaze, CP Birthday Treat

▪️5 vs Sydney Grace Payton’s Puppy ($5)- 5 is a soft dusty rose. Payton’s Puppy pulls a bit more orange

Other options- CP Dreamboat, MUG Prim & Proper, Looxi Cashmere, Sydney Grace Toast

▪️6 vs Nabla Calypso (€6,50 or $7usd)- 6 is a mixture of peachy pink and violet which combine to make a vibrant pinky lavender. If you want to dupe this shade perfectly I would suggest mixing a peachy pink like MUG Mai Tai or CP Sauvage or Heavy Glam with a violet like CP Neutrino or Devinah Lust. If similar is good enough for you then I’d suggest Calypso or one of the shades listed below

Other options- CP Starchild, CP Pick Me, Beauty Escape Tea Cake, Devinah Tempt, Morphe Glamorous

▪️7 vs Devinah Norah ($5)- 7 and Norah are both pale pinky lavender mattes. They look identical to me

Other options- Inglot 346, CP Howlin’, CP Two to Mango

▪️8 vs Adept Cosmetics M24 ($4)- these two are soft orange mattes. 8 has a slightly more pink undertone

Other options- CP Lay Low, CP Issues, Looxi Peach-a-Boo, Shroud Cosmetics Third Eye

▪️9 vs Devinah Aria ($5)- both are mid-toned violet mattes. 9 is more muted and Aria is a bit brighter

Other options- Inglot 334, Nabla Lotus, Clionadh Aurora, MUG Wisteria

Phew! Okay that’s one down. Mint and Rose dupes coming soon!

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