Alori Collection Brush Review

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AT LAST! My review of the @aloricollection brushes! First, let me reintroduce the brand to anyone who hasn’t been around to see Makeup BY Alo and Riply Official start their cult favorite brush cleanses, I am hooked not only cause they clean the gunkiest of brushes but they went viral for being able to remove any stain out of anything. I have cleaned toddler sneakers, sauce out of sweaters.. even marker out of the dragon’s hands. And the scents are so delightful, its aromatherapy while you clean your brushes while still being gentle to your investment and your hands (I always put the kid up to helping me wash them) and they also have a vegan version! (these chics think of everything I swear). ANYWAY! They have been releasing little “capsules” of brush collections, and what I mean is that they are not permanent products to their line, they invest a good year planning a brush so it is not your typical “blending” brush and actually has an edge of difference, so it brings something new to the table and onto your brush collection. I have hundreds – HUNDREDS – of brushes, I collect Japanese Fude, I collect brushes in general; I have from almost every brand, angle, material, price point.. you name it. and Alori’s line every year has been right there on my top used brushes. So let’s get into the actual review cause I have to back up my claim with some actual facts here, also because they are ON SALE right now as the last of the stock trickles down to leave space for new things.

General info: these are all vegan and cruelty free with premium synthetic fibers, what this means is yes: there is no animal hair, no: you won’t know the difference because it’s so high quality.


I put these together because I feel they go hand in hand. The brush is a slanted, dense brush designed to blend in your cream/liquid foundation. Time for a little warning: as all dense foundation brushes do, it absorbs the product if you are putting it directly on the brush so PLEAASEEE DON’T DO THAT. I pump the foundation onto a mixing palette or onto the top of my hands and with the tip of my finger (or with the tip of the WET blending sponge)

I dab little dots all over my face which I then proceed to blend in with the brush . I prefer using brushes for foundation blending all over the face and leaving blender sponges for concealer and for the edges of my nose, my forehead and any place where I suspect creasing might appear, thus wanting less product quantity on those edges and more of a blended effect. The brush blends like a dream and it leaves a flawless finish without lines or streaks. I tested with everything from light coverage to full coverage foundations. It’s a must when using a stick foundation too! ($26.98 on sale, but currently sold out).

WINGED COMPLEXION BRUSH: this is a hybrid fan brush that works for anything contour and highlight but also spreads nicely enough for blushes and regular bronzer application. You can use the tip for precise highlighting and then angle the brush for a blending function. I have not seen a brush like this before and its such a multiuse work horse. ($27.83 on sale)

LUSH POWDER BRUSH: this is an oversized brush that I like using for pressed powders: pressed foundation, setting powders, to blend my blush in with my bronzer, bronzer itself when used widely and not as contour. Its soft and caressing to the face and large enough to cover the cheek so I can also use it to apply blush with a light hand. ($27.83 on sale)

FINISHING BRUSH: this is a duo fiber brush designed for finishing powders: think meteorites and translucent loose powders. It gives the last step to makeup application an airbrush quality. Its soft as a feather! The bristles still pick up enough product where you can also use this on pressed powder types. ($28.62 on sale)

They are currently on their site as individuals but the best bet is to get the set for $95 on sale. You will not regret!

Let me know if you got any and how you like it!?


  1. For all their humble and support a small business (which I’m all for) I have purchased couple of items and wanted to purchase more. At this point I’m not so sure: why don’t you answer customer inquiries about your product . Super disappointed .


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