Glow Recipe Lip Pop – review and discount code!

Press sample

Affiliate code: 15% off using code: BEAUTYCULT (excludes Kits)

New LIP goodies! AND DISCOUNT CODE! BEAUTYCULT for 15% off at GLOW RECIPE !! This brand has been on my top pref since I discovered it a bit ago, I use their watermelon mist regularly and their avocado retinol eye melt, I have used their watermelon glow mask before as well. This is their new LIP POP which is a dual function lip balm, it’s a scrub and a balm. Wanna use as a scrub? Apply a few extra layers and you’ll notice small particles (its actually coconut flower sugar) gently exfoliate your lips, it also has edible flower derived AHA to smooth it out too. BUT DOES IT WORK? Yes, with regular use you should feel your lips less flakey and dry and it is not a gritty/harsh exfoliator that will irritate and rip flakey skin either, its gentle enough that I am having the dragon use it on her tiny little toddler pout since the only lip balm she wants to use is “bday party flavor bag Paw Patrol balm, with unknown moisturizing agents and clearly not helping enough. It has a noticeable watermelon scent that fades after a minute or so and a slight flavor but not overtly sweet.  It has some tint to it too but that is only once you layer it a few times, which you totally can. It retails $22 and comes down to $18.70 with our affiliate code BEAUTYCULT. (code is not applicable to kits or at Sephora – only at GLOWRECIPE.COM).

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