Huda Beauty ‘Rich Nude’ Obsessions Palette Dupes

Huda Beauty ‘Rich Nude’ Obsessions Palette Dupes

At long last! Dupes for the third and final Huda Nude Obsessions palette! Before we get started, I want to note that Rich Nudes is quite similar to Medium Nudes. A lot of the colors in Rich Nudes are deeper versions of the shades in Medium nudes. So many of the dupes that I’ve listed could serve as a substitute for either palette. Just fyi…

Check out my dupes for Medium nudes!

▪️1 vs ColourPop Labyrinth ($4.50, -10% w/ affil code: BEAUTYCULT)- 1 is a warm dusty rose matte. Labyrinth is lighter and more pink.

Other options: Sydney Grace Treasure All, CP Made to Last, Inglot 303, Sydney Grace Embrace, Sydney Grace Faithful

▪️2 vs ColourPop Anthem ($4.50, -10% w/ affil code: BEAUTYCULT)- 2 is a peachy rose gold with a metallic finish. Anthem is darker and more pink

Other options: MUG Luna, Sydney Grace Starwberries & Cream, CP High Strung, Devinah Oracle

▪️3 vs Adept Cosmetics S13 ($3.50, -15% w/ affil code: BEAUTYCULT)- 3 is a deep coppery red with a metallic finish. S13 is a little darker

Other options: Clionadh Poinsettia, Devinah Fierce, Sydney Grace Lost Princess, Sydney Grace Queen of Hearts

▪️4 vs Beauty Escape Cosmetics Lincoln Road ($6.50, -15% w/ non-affil code: BEAUTYCULT)- 4 is pinky copper duochrome. Lincoln Road has the same base color but a stronger duochrome shift

Other options: ColourPop Thank U, Next, ColourPop Misty, Devinah Nacarat, ColourPop BPM

▪️5 vs Sydney Grace Princess ($5, -15% w/ non-affil code: BEAUTYCULT)- 5 is a deep salmon pink with a matte finish. Princess is brighter

Other options: Coastal Scents Redwood, Adept Cosmetics M2, Nabla Verve, Sydney Grace Trust, Sydney Grace Berry Fizz

▪️6 vs Coloured Raine Date Night ($7, -10% w/ affil code: BEAUTYCULT)- 6 is a sparkly reddish plum. Date Night is more purple and less sparkly

Other options- Makeup Geek Showtime, Looxi Juice, Looxi Berry Sexy, Suva Beauty Cherry Cola, Sydney Grace Forever Enough

▪️7 vs Sydney Grace Solomon ($5, -15% w/ non-affil code: BEAUTYCULT)- 7 is a deep red brown with a matte finish. Solomon is lighter

Other options- Sydney Grace Underworld, ABH Blazing, Sydney Grace Gulf Coast, ColourPop Popular Demand, Devinah Lucretia

▪️8 vs ColourPop Stay Golden ($4.50, -10% w/ affil code: BEAUTYCULT)- 8 is a deep berry matte. Stay Golden is brighter.

Other options- Devinah Ilithyia, Inglot 301

▪️9 vs Makeup Geek Aphrodite ($6, -10% w/ affil code: BEAUTYCULT)- 9 is a deep plummy brown with a matte finish. Aphrodite is lighter and not as purple

Other options- CP Razy, Melt Cosmetics Meanstreak, Sydney Grace Bountiful, Devinah Nemesis, ABH Beauty Mark

Tada! Glad that’s over! After I’m caught up on swatching all of these new holiday releases, I’ll start working on dupes for the Mercury Retrograde palette

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