Huda Beauty ‘Light Nude’ Obsessions Palette Dupes!

Huda Beauty ‘Light Nude’ Obsessions Palette Dupes!

Before I fully devote myself to finding Retrograde dupes, I wanted to finish my half started duping projects. I posted Carli Bybel palette dupes last week and now I want to work on the new Obsessions palettes! And just an fyi because I reviewed these palettes on ig but not on here, I love these mini palettes! Imo they’re the best Obsessions palettes that Huda has released in terms of performance and I do recommend them. But if you already have similar colors in your current collection or there’s only 1 or 2 shades that are catching your eye, you should save your money!

▪️1 vs Devinah Meraki ($5, -20% w/ affil code BEAUTYCULT)- Meraki is darker

Other options: Nabla Artemisia, CP Dreamboat, MUG Cupcake, Inglot 295

▪️2 vs Nabla Cosmetics Calypso (€7,90 or about $8.75 usd)- Calypso is darker and not as pink

Other options: Clionadh Aether, ABH Macaroon, MUG Hot Pants, Looxi Neon

▪️3 vs ColourPop Say I Do ($4.50, -10% w/ affil code BEAUTYCULT)- these two are really similar. Say I Do might be a little more cool toned

Other options: ColourPop Secrets, Devinah Promise

▪️4 vs Beauty Escape Cosmetics The Huntsman ($5.50, -15% w/ non-affil code BEAUTYCULT)- 4 is slightly more pink

Other options: ColourPop High Strung, ColourPop Upon a Star

▪️5 vs ColourPop Hear Me Out ($4.50, -10% w affil code BEAUTYCULT)- Hear Me Out is a little brighter

Option 2: ColourPop Outta Luck

▪️6 vs Devinah Pixy Stix ($8, -20% w/ affil code BEAUTYCULT)- Pixy Stix is more sparkly

Other options: Clionadh Sunbeam, Clionadh Popping Rocks

▪️7 vs ColourPop Anthem ($4.50, -10% w/ affil code BEAUTYCULT)- Anthem is a little more coppery

Other Options: ColourPop Misty, Sydney Grace Save the Dance

▪️8 vs Sydney Grace Creme Brulee ($5, -15% w/ non-affil code BEAUTYCULT)- Creme Brulee is darker and not as orange

Other options: Nabla Kids, Sydney Grace Payton’s Puppy

▪️9 vs ColourPop Top Notch ($4.50, -10% w/ affil code BEAUTYCULT)- Top Notch is lighter

Other options: ColourPop Popular Demand, Inglot 303, Nabla Petra

Thee end!

I’m going to work on finding dupes for the other nude palettes and Mercury Retrograde this week so check back soon!


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