Anastasia Beverly Hills x Carli Bybel Palette Dupes

Anastasia Beverly Hills x Carli Bybel Palette Dupes

When I looking up the links for this post, I noticed that the Carli palette had TONS of bad reviews on Sephora. The problem with all of these damn new releases is that I’m often not able to use a palette enough to do a well informed review in a reasonable time frame. I feel like I’m getting about 5 new palettes every week and I’ve only got the one face and I don’t feel like wearing makeup every day. I thought that this palette swatched really nicely but I’ve only used it once. I did a simple look which I liked a lot but I only used 3 or 4 shades. But now that I saw all of the bad reviews, I feel the need to test it more so that I can add my two cents. Anyway. If you’re only interested in a few of these shades then I’ve got some alternative options for you!

▪️Boli vs ColourPop ‘Ringer’ ($4.50, -10% w/ affil code BEAUTYCULT)- these two are both champagne metallics. Ringer is more yellow

Other options: ABH Vermeer, Adept Cosmetics S10

▪️Bybel vs ColourPop ‘Made to Last’ ($4.50, -10% w/ affil code BEAUTYCULT)- Bybel is a dusty rose matte. Made to Last looks pretty much the same to me

Other options: ABH Dusty Rose, Nabla Circle

▪️Madala vs Adept Cosmetics ‘D3’ ($3.50, -15% w/ affil code BEAUTYCULT)- Madala is a pinky lavender with blue reflects. It’s definitely one of the most interesting shades in the palette so I’m excited to report that D3 is a nearly exact dupe!

Sidebar- Adept Cosmetics recently released a full line of eyeshadows and they’re excellent! I’m shocked that they’re only $3.50! I’m not sure if it’s an introductory price or what but they could easily sell these shadows for $10, imo. Full review and swatches forthcoming…

Other options: ColourPop Earthshine

▪️Libra vs Sydney Grace ‘Rover’ ($5, -10% w/ non-affil code BEAUTYCULT)- Libra is a mauvey taupe shimmer. Rover is more brown

Other options: ColourPop Dragonfly, Adept Cosmetics S17, ABH Custom

▪️Jode vs Beauty Escape Cosmetics ‘Dark & Starry Night’ ($5.50, -15% w/ non-affil code BEAUTYCULT)- Jode is a deep gunmetal with silver sparkle. Dark & Starry Night is more blue

Other options: Devinah Twilight, Sydney Grace Black Ice

▪️OA vs Touch of Glam ‘Bewitched’ ($8, -15% w/ affil code: BEAUTYCULT)- OA is a deep royal blue with pink and green glitter. Bewitched has a similar base color, also with green and pink glitter but it’s not as purple

Other options: Urban Decay Ether, Touch of Glam Your Majesty, Ittse Cosmetics Wiser

▪️Boie vs Makeup Geek ‘Dark Roast’ ($6, -10% w/ affil code BEAUTYCULT)- Boie is a deep ash brown matte. Dark Roast is warmer

Other options: ABH Ash Brown

▪️Bear vs Makeup Geek ‘So Pale’ ($6, -10% w/ affil code BEAUTYCULT)- Bear is a soft yellow matte. So Pale is lighter

Other options: MUG Mirage, MUG Rapunzel

▪️Moo vs Makeup Geek ‘Magic Act’ ($10, -10% w/ affil code BEAUTYCULT)- Moo is a white gold with peach undertones and a metallic finish. Magic Act is a little darker and warmer

Other options: Sydney Grace Morning Star, ColourPop 20 Something, ABH Peach Sorbet, Adept Cosmetics S21

▪️Chai vs ColourPop ‘Sea Stars’ ($4.50, -10% w/ affil code BEAUTYCULT)- Chai is a medium yellow brown with a matte finish. Sea Stars is darker

Other options: MUG Sora, ABH Caramel, Adept Cosmetics M3

▪️Cindy vs ColourPop ‘Lay Low’ ($4.50, -10% w/ affil code BEAUTYCULT)- Cindy is a matte coral. Lay Low is lighter and more pink

Other options: Sydney Grace Joy, Sydney Grace French Hens

▪️Stev vs Inglot 301 ($8)- Stev is a dark matte red. The best dupe that I have for it is MUFE Morello Cherry but since it’s $20 and Make Up For Ever isn’t cruelty free, I went with my next best option, Inglot 301. 301 is darker

Other options: Devinah Lucretia , CP Get Out

▪️Aura vs ColourPop ‘Misty’ ($4.50, -10% w/ affil code BEAUTYCULT)- Aura is a foiled pinky copper with a gold shift. Misty has a similar base color but no shift

Other options: ColourPop Thank U, Next, Beauty Escape Cosmetics Lincoln Road, ColourPop Arrow

▪️My Angels vs Clionadh Cosmetics ‘Karat’ (C$7 or about $5 usd, -10% w/ non-affil code BEAUTYCULT10)- My Angels is a deep antique gold with glitter. Karat is the same color but sans glitter

Other options: Sydney Grace Light My World

And that’s all she wrote! I’m also working on dupes for the new Huda palettes (the minis and retrograde) and UD Honey so keep your eyes peeled for those!

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