ColourPop Brow Duos swatches

Sample. Save 10% at ColourPop With affiliate code BEAUTYCULT

Surprise drop! Brow duo bundles!!! ⁣


Also they have the clear casing. I legit had purchased the prior version my last two times so these with the clear casings were new to me. They were actually already out (no new shades, and available as singles) and the newness is the fact that they are bundled for ease of pairing and a bit of savings. ⁣

Price: $10 each ($12 value!)⁣

Brow boss pencil / brow boss gel Duos: ⁣

Blonde – blonde ⁣

Warm Blonde – clear ⁣

Taupe – light brown ⁣

Light brown – light brown ⁣

Ash brown – clear ⁣

Brunette – clear⁣

Auburn – clear ⁣

Dark brown – dark brown ⁣

Soft black – soft black ⁣

10% off affiliate code BEAUTYCULT at ColourPop Cosmetics (exclusions apply- might not apply to bundles or collabs)⁣

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