Kathleen Lights x ColourPop : SO JADED PALETTE swatches

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KATHLEEN LIGHTS COLLAB PALETTE! SO JADED 30 New shades $39 – releasing Friday 9/6/19.

Swatches! THe SO JADED palette, inspired by gem stones and with ALL NEW SHADES has one super shock (diamond, a metallic) and two glitters as well as a ton of foils and mattes. I found some of the foils to be a bit dry so I used a slightly wet brush to foil them in. The mattes were fine for the most part, with the more lighter matte shades requiring some layering (MY PRECIOUS, ROYAL JEWELS). FLUORITE is a duochrome violet with teal that was my favorite shade on this palette. There are two of the feared “mattes with shimmer” shades but the shimmer is very very slight and looks pretty as hell ( AMETRINE, JASPER) Even when work on their own. I also noticed a lot of the shades correspond with what the colors are and not as random as Cp used to do (remember when COCONUT was a blue?). Color story wise, this palette is fall to me, this is the whole fall season I hold dear in my heart, and even as I was overwhelmed by the amount of shades here (swatching wise… I hate not being able to swatch it all on one arm) I could see myself using a lot of the shades. It’s muted, fallish but it’s not solely neutral cause fall is anything but solely neutral. Fall is full of dark sultry colors that invite us to have a hot apple cider while we watch the leaves fall! Fall is complaining about not having enough scarves! Fall is Apple picking even if those apples will rot in our fridges! Pumping carving (I actually never carved a single pumpkin and I have no desire of making that mess but still). Leave it to Kathleen to bring FALL. I added multiple angles and lighting and some closeups.

10% off ColourPop with code: BEAUTYCULT (exclusions apply).

Are you getting this? Who do you want ColourPop to collab next!?


  1. Do you know any good dupes for the color Aquamarine? It’s the only color I’m interested in, and I can’t justify spending $39 just to have one color. I also wish the Turquoise color was lighter…and more turquoise-y? It looks more like a blue topaz or uncut apatite.


  2. Do you know any good dupe for the color Aquamarine? It’s really the only color that stands out to me the most, and I can’t justify spending $39 for only one color I like.


  3. I didn’t think I wanted this palette…until I saw your swatches and read your review. Dark, muted colors are my favorite but I didn’t get that vibe initially. Oh well, what’s one more palette in a collection of literally hundreds? Seriously though, ColourPop needs to slow their roll.

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