ColourPop STRAWBERRY COLLECTION! First impressions, Swatches and discount code

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Strawberries are in season! ITS A ColourPop Cosmetics WHOLE COLLECTION dedicated to this delectable fruit and it’s the cutest thing!

The deco has the strawberry seeds and sweet pink and red! ⁣

🍓RELEASED August 1st 8am PST ⁣

🍓10% off code BEAUTYCULT. ⁣

Strawberry Shake palette $12: Pinks, reds and peaches! ⁣

Strawberry N Cream Blush Stix duo $14⁣

Shades: STAR BRITE, 25/8⁣: the blush and highlight Stix duo $14 (STAR BRITE, 25/8) and they are repromoted as a bundle with the deco of the collection. ⁣

Pressed Powder Blush $8 each ⁣

Shades: SEED YOU LATER (deep pink), SHORTCAKE (bright pink). ⁣

Jelly Much Shadows $8 each ⁣

Shades: STRAWBERRY JAM (peach pink)STRAWBERRY JELLY (bright warm pink) ⁣

Ultra Glossy Lips $7 each⁣

Shades: EASY BAKE (light creamy pink), BERRY GOOD (muted pink) ⁣

Face set: SO FRESA SO CLEAN $24 STRAWBERRY face milk, strawberry seed oil, BY THE BUSHEL (lippie scrub, strawberry scented). ⁣ ⁣

Did you get anything!?!

my first impressions! I forgot to paste this below last night as I compiled the swatches in the middle of being very half asleep.

First impressions: I loved the palette! It was such a pretty addition and I use these shades all the time. There are no presses glitters which is a nice change for the ones complaining about glitter lols! It’s cute, I loved it but if you’re not into using reds and pinks on your eyes then skip as there are lighter shades to pair up the darker reds but the lighter shades can be duped easy.

The stix are repromoted so if you have these already, it’s not really worth getting just over packaging unless you’re a collector.

The glosses are pretty but I think they are fairly dupable so they are a skip.

The blushes are gorgeous, they are similar from one another in shade but different in intensity so pick one based on your skin tone (lighter/ darker / cool toned or warm).

MUSTS: the jelly shadows!!! The golden one is a gold with pink reflects that is different enough that you can wear on its own and so is the pink one. The darker pink (strawberry jelly) could be hard to pull off if you’re not used to bright reds, you can still use a tiny bit for accent or even dab a little on your lips cause it’s honestly gorgeous but WILDLY BRIGHT.


  1. Heeeeyyyy you didn’t give us your thoughts on the collection. Underwhelming? That’s how I’m feeling. Just too many random releases on top of each other right now so the overwhelming amount makes them individually underwhelming lol.


    • Omg Bon I forgot to paste them! Thank you for keeping me honest. I came from a trampoline place w the dragon and hubs and I was exhausted that I forgot the notes at the end. Lol. Added


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