Clionadh Cosmetics Returns!

Quick note before we get started… Emma and I were talking about how we need to do a better job with blog posts because (a. We’ve been slacking and (b. It’s a lot easier to do a Google search than to scroll through an ig feed when you’re looking for something specific. We want more of our content to be searchable. We slack on blog posts because we’re busy and lazy and we feel obligated to be more comprehensive on the blog than we are on ig. But after discussing it, we decided that short posts are better than nothing. Just fyi 😁 We now return to our regularly scheduled programming…

Clionadh Cosmetics reopens TODAY, July 18 and to celebrate they’re having a huge 25% off sale on a bunch of their collections! Check out their page for the full list but it’s the majority of their permanent items, except for new releases (aka stained glass collection). The sale runs from this Thursday until next Tuesday, July 23. The eyeshadows included in this post are C$6.50 (Wormwood is C$7) or about $5 usd so they’ll be about $3.75 once the sale starts! And I’ve heard that you’ll be able to use discount codes on top of the sale prices! Ours is BEAUTYCULT10. It’s not an affiliate code. Just for y’all to save some coin

So if you’re not up to speed with what happened, a few weeks ago Clionadh released a fucking ginormous multichrome collection. Something like 55 shadows, all pressed, along with a really cool custom palette and some other special items. Clionadh doesn’t do things half way. Those girls go ALL in. The collection was a resounding success and basically their whole website sold out in 2 seconds. I’m exaggerating but the response was pretty overwhelming. In order to best serve their customers, they made the difficult decision to shut down their website so that they could focus completely on filling orders and restocking this huge collection that everyone is after. I respect them so much for doing that. Shutting down their website for a few weeks must have cost them a small fortune but it would’ve taken them much longer to process orders and restock the new collection had they been continuing to receive new orders.

I don’t have the multichrome collection yet but they said that they’d be sending it out soon. That’s another thing that I love about them. Yes it’s nice to have a collection prior to the launch date as a blogger but ultimately a brand should always put their customers first. You make sure that every customer gets the order that they PAID for before worrying about pr. It rubs me the wrong way when brands bend over backwards to lavish influencers with fancy packages, gifts and trips while their customers receive mediocre customer service.

The point of this post was to let you know that they’re reopening and to tell you about the sale. But aren’t these eyeshadows gorgina?? If I had to choose favorites my top picks would be Cryosphere, Shroom and Wormwood! Are you guys going to take advantage of the sale?? Ps. click here to see our previous Clionadh posts!


  1. So crazy you posted this today!! I was literally just looking at my Paleo and Archeo palettes today and wondering what Clionadh was up to lately!! I haven’t been on top of new indie releases this year. I spend all my time in Sephora and dept stores bc of my job so I get sucked into those launches and don’t have any money left for my beloved indies lol. That is to say, i don’t rack up my credit cards anymore buying ALL THE THINGS. Anyway I’m definitely interested to see what they come out with next, they make beautiful things!!! Lots of integrity. Awesome girls. Bravo.


    • Have you seen any of their stained glass collection?? It’s insane! My favorite part is this custom palette that they designed with a stained glass cover. So dope. They’ve come a long way since those palettes were released. They’re definitely one of my top indies


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