Lit Cosmetics NEON PIGMENTS! The Electrics (shimmers) And Neon (Mattes) swatches and thoughts!

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Ok: NEWNESS! Lit Cosmetics released new Neons and redid their electric neons too!!! I did them all together so you saw the difference between them. The electric shades have a shimmer and the neon are completely matte. They both glow under black light! I used both a wet brush and a mixing medium and the latter is definitely more recommended as it helps the mattes lay flat and even. The yellow shade bunches up on me because I used too much at the beginning, expecting it to need more layering it being a yellow, it didn’t need that. It’s pigmented on its own and doesn’t need a ton of layers to pop. Lit has a forever wear base that goes on 24 hours and doesn’t come out even if you’re in the water (remove with oil base ). I didn’t experience any staining on my arm but I’ll report back if anything on my eyes, I’m using them this weekend.

✨All 6 neons are matte, loose powder

✨Lets see them in black light!

✨Use wet with a mixing medium like our Daily Wear Glitter Base or dry over a primer!

I layered these with a mixing medium from ESUM COSMETICS (click here to purchase at Muse Beauty Pro) The medium helped the pigments layer even and stay in place (even through water!). I removed with makeup remover and there was no staining on my arm.

⚡️Save 20% with discount affil code “BEAUTYCULT” at⚡️

Are you getting any and best yet: what would be your favorite combo???


  1. Wow these are gorgeous!!! Seem like a lot of work. I tend to gravitate toward makeup that doesn’t require mixing mediums and tacky bases and stuff most of the time bc I’m lazy and just want to slap my makeup on my face lol! But I imagine I’d use these once in a while for going out to concerts makeup!


    • They were fairly easy to swatch for the most part but I don’t wear neons everyday. That said, I’m going to be wearing them this weekend. They’re super bright and even if you just want to do a neutral eye and do a neon wing with a little bit of duraline…. but I totes get you, lately I’ve been super lazy. It’s the summer of lazy lmao


      • Right??? It’s like, I effing LOVE glitters. But I only wear them if I’m going OUT out, you know? Unless it’s like a glitter-in-cream-shadow or Stila glitter n glow that’s super easy to apply I wear those all the time lol


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