Body by Sol – a new Seed Beauty enterprise- sneak peek and discount code!

PR SAMPLE. Save 10% on Sol by using affil code BEAUTYCULT

NEW SISTER BRAND! Yup you heard that right! Sol Body is a new Seed Beauty enterprise, sister of little ole colourpop cosmetics and fourth ray beauty.

This is going to be a body focused skin brand and their first product is a shimmering body oil sold for $15 the bottle (3fl

Oz, glass packaging and $12 for the brush.

They are going to be available at the ColourPop site this Wednesday 7/17 8am pst!!! 😱UPDATE: our discount code WILL apply! BEAUTYCULT for 10% off ($13.50 for the oil and $10.80 for the brush using our code!!!!) ⁣

These have a super light fresh coconut – (kinda like suntan lotion) scent and are very very shimmery. If you want a light wash of sparkle, apply a pump and use your hands to spread across your skin, the excess shimmer will prob stay in your hands and you can just wash it after. If you want more build up, use the brush to deposit it as it keeps the shimmers on the body and not on the brush. ⁣ This has been the summer of dewy, shimmery skins, we see all over the insta and we crave the slick slithering tanned siren look! Sooo Seed beauty realized there was a need for an equally awesome product at an affordable price that us, the hoi polloi, can afford without spending much coin.

I have tried MANY shimmering oils, one thing I gotta say: the scent will make or kill a product for me and if anything, this one was very pleasant and not overbearing at all. ⁣

Interested on what else this brand will bring, I hear rumor of tanning products and other summery things!!! ⁣

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