Melt Cosmetics Impulsive palette: swatches and should you skip?

Purchased. Affil link.

Melt Cosmetics dropped their IMPULSIVE palette and everyone and their momma prob already Swatched so I did a little pretty swatch instead while I discuss a few points on this palette.

1. Melt is now at Sephora (tap the link to shop)

2. this was a mixed of shades that represented their history and albeit it was pretty, the formula was somewhat inconsistent. Y’all know me: I’ve been an OG melt fiend since bossladies Dana and Lora talked smack about it working behind a counter (well, not that far but you get the jist). I have all their OG stacks, lippies, and now palettes and I have a few constructive critiques to say: the good tho: the mattes were amazing as per always. Melt mattes are a shot to the heart and they kill every time. The eeek!: some of the shimmers were either too soft to the point of crumbling (CEO, TIPSY, WAREHOUSE PARTY) or completely hardoan (POPPIN BOTTLES, SHOTS, NO REGRETS). Which was devastating as these were amazing looking duochromes too!!! To work around that: wet the brush mah friend and be careful when you pick up product so the kickup isn’t so bad. Still using these happily as they are gorgeous but if you have most of their previous shades, you prob have some similar version already of most of the shades on the palette.

CART IF: you’re a strong Melt supporter, use dark shimmers, love a dark smokey , don’t mind putting extra effort to make the problem shades work.

SKIP IF: you already have a million palettes, this prob will be superfluous.

Let me know if you got this and how do you like!?!

Shop Melt at Sephora here – thank you! Using our links keeps this blog running!

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