Anastasia Beverly Hills vs ColourPop Cosmetics: Single Shadows Comparison

ColourPop vs Anastasia Beverly Hills: Single Shadow Comparison!

CP has a ton of dupes for ABH eyeshadows and they’re a third of the price! ABH singles are a whopping $12 a pop and CP shadows are only $4.50 (or $4.05 w/our affiliate code BEAUTYCULT)

I’ve found about 45 pairs to compare so this will be the first of at least four posts. I eyeballed similar shades without doing swatches so they’re not all going to be dupes but I think that they’re close enough to be worth comparing.

Okay so let’s take a looksie at the first section!

▪️Dragonfly vs Backseat- these two look pretty similar straight on but Dragonfly has a deeper, slightly purple base that you can see from some angles. Not a dupe but unless this is a color that you really love, I don’t think that you need both

▪️Not Today vs Hung Up- first of all I forgot how dope that Hung Up is and I need to use it asap. Secondly these are both deep satiny plums. The only difference that I can detect is that Not Today has a bit of silver glitter but I don’t think that it shows up much on the eyes. I’d consider these two to be dupes

▪️Iridescent Purple vs Fault Line- both are metallic violets with iridscent blue shimmer. Fault Line is a bit lighter but they’re still dupes, imo

▪️Metal vs Game Changer- these guys are both antique silver colors with similar ultra metallic finishes. Game Changer is a shade darker but they’re dupes, imo

▪️Star Cobalt vs Quantum Sleep- no dupe here. From some angles they appear to be a very similar shade of blue but Star Cobalt has a distinct purple shift

▪️Buon Fresco vs Chic Happens- dusty mauve mattes. Chic Happens is either slightly darker or pigmented but they look like dupes to me.

▪️Enchanted vs Crown Jewel- both are vibrant violet metallics but Enchanted has more dimension. In the top pic it seems to have a hint of pink and in the lower pic, I detect stronger blue undertones. They’re similar enough that you don’t need both but I do like Enchanted better

▪️Pink Champagne vs Snake Eyes- dupes! Both are ultra metallic, pinky taupes. Pink Champagne is touch more pink but they look the same on the eyes

▪️Midnight vs Night Show- no dupe. I thought that these were both matte blacks with glitter but next to Night Dream, Midnight actually looks like a dark grayish blue. Also Midnight has silver glitter and Night Dream has multicolored glitter.

▪️Macaroon vs Double Date- no dupe. Although they’re both pinky lavender metallics, side by side Macaroon looks more silvery and Double Date more pink

▪️Gemstone vs On the Rise- eh… idk. Gemstone is a little cooler and On the Rise is more pink. They’re not exactly the same but they’re similar enough that I don’t think that you NEED both.

▪️Chocolate Crumble vs Dragonfly- dupes! They’re both deep plummy taupe metallics. Dragonfly is a little more brown but they look the same on the eyes.

So to recap- imo there’s 4 sets that definitely aren’t dupes: Midnight/Night Dream, Dragonfly/Backseat, Star Cobalt/Quantum Sleep and Macaroon/Double Date. I love ABH eyeshadows but not enough to pay $12 when ColourPop has a comparable option for a third of the price. Ps. Thanks in advance if you use our affiliate code BEAUTYCULT to save 10% at ColourPop! Part two of the comparison is coming soon…

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  1. […] CP has a ton of dupes for ABH eyeshadows so I went through my collection and found all of the shades that are remotely similar to compare which ended up being about 45 possibilities. A lot of them turned out to be dupes. Some were similar and others were way off. Since it’s a time consuming process, I’m splitting my little project into smaller sections. This is part two of probably four posts. Check out part one here! […]


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