ColourPop Summer 2019: “California Love” swatches, first impressions and DISCOUNT COUPON!

Sample. Save 10% with Affil code BEAUTYCULT at ColourPop.


Consists of a :⁣

CALIFORNIA LOVE palette $18 ⁣

5 new ultra blotted lips $7 ⁣

2 new BFF máscaras in Brown and Coral! $8 each⁣

The Palette – I haven’t tested this on my lids but here are swatches in the meantime:

Diego: warm mid tone gold
Gnarly: soft warm beige
Sequoia: vibrant yellow tangerine
Gold Rush: rusty terracotta with gold flecks
HWY 1: chestnut brown with gold flecks
Laguna: muted yellow peach
El Capitan: bronze, copper, and gold pressed glitter
Surfrider: mid tone terracotta with gold glitter
Cahuenga: vibrant copper
Mission: deep brown with gold flecks
Cruisin’: pale yellow gold
The Bay: neutral warm brown

The Ultra Blotted Lips:

I recommend you apply lip balm, blot your lips then apply the ULTRA BLOTTED because they do tend to be a bit on the drier side since the super matte look comes at that cost. These feel weightless, you do forget you’re wearing them. ⁣

SCENIC ROUTE: peach beige ⁣

CYPRESS CHILL: cool toned rose ⁣

OJAI THERE: Coral but this one was a bit patchy on me⁣

SWING SWAY: ah my favorite! A cool toned pink red ⁣

DOUBLE DOUBLE: my second favorite and most comfy! A hot cool toned pink ⁣

The mascaras! I also did some lash swatch and did stories too on them so you see them in action. The Coral is not my favorite lol, I felt it clumped up a bit but also keep in mind more natural shades like black and brown blend with your own lash better whereas coloured mascaras will be more obvious as you are depositing pigment on your tiny tiny lash hairs. The Brown was pretty nice wear and since I’m blonder now I’m going to switch for the summer to a Brown mascara that’s less harsh than my usual black. ⁣

Picking anything up?!


  1. Wow, this is a bit of a shock! I am so underwhelmed by this collection especially after the great releases that they have been putting out lately.


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