Huda Beauty Neon Green Obsessions Palette Dupes!

Huda Neon Green Obsessions ($29)

Generally I don’t like duping ‘affordable’ palettes since it’s never cost effective. But I’m making an exception for the Neon palettes because I love the color stories but found the performance to be disappointing, with the shimmers in particular. The green palette was the one that I was most excited for and it performed the worst imo. The pink palette was better but not great for me and the orange was actually pretty good. But I’m going to dupe all three because fuck it. There’s some unique shades in this palette but after thoroughly searching my collection, I think that I’ve found some good alternatives! The Huda shadows don’t have names so I numbered them as indicated below for reference.

Ready? Okay!

▪️1 vs Clionadh Cosmetics Sublimate (C$6 or about $4.50 usd, -10% w/ non-affil code BEAUTYCULT10)- both are pale yellow green mattes. Sublimate is a bit more green and also more pigmented

Option 2: Looxi Beauty Lucky Charm is more yellow than huda and it has a satin finish

▪️2 vs Sydney Grace Lemonade ($6, -15% w/ non-affil code BEAUTYCULT)- 2 is a bright lemon yellow with tons of shimmer. It’s more sheer and a little more green than Lemonade

Option 2: Looxi Lick It, Slam It, Suck It is less sparkly

▪️3 vs ColourPop Keep Scrolling ($4.50, -10% w/ affil code BEAUTYCULT)- both are chartreuse mattes with thin formulas as evidenced by these weak ass swatches. Keep Scrolling is more green.

Option 2: Devinah Canary Yellow is brighter and more yellow

▪️4 vs Touch of Glam Beauty Aloha ($8, -15% w/ affil code BEAUTYCULT)- 4 is a pinky champagne with blue and gold glitter and I had a bitch of a time finding a dupe for it! I was ready to throw in the towel and go with my alternative option even though it’s a lot lighter when low and behold, I checked my tog palette! Aloha is a little more pink and heavier on the blue glitter. It’s super close tho.

Option 2: ColourPop Ladybird is more silvery

▪️5 vs Looxi Beauty Glass Slipper ($4, -10% w/ affil code BEAUTYCULT)- these two have sparkly white bases with mint green reflects. 5 is more sparkly

Option 2: Colourpop The Big 3 is more opaque and less glittery

▪️6 vs Nabla Cosmetics Alchemy ($12)- 6 is a deep plum with a blue to teal iridescent shift. I changed my mind like 50x times on the best dupe for this one. I choose Alchemy even though the color is a little off because of the similarities in texture and finish. They both have that super glittery, ‘topper’ type of formula but Alchemy has more of a pinky shift

Option 2: Touch of Glam Girls Night Out ($13, -15% w/ affil code BEAUTYCULT)- is closer in color than Alchemy but it has a different formula, more opaque and less sparkly.

Option 3: Devinah Skyla ($8, -20% w/ affil code BEAUTYCULT)- Skyla was my original choice. It looks similar from some angles but it’s a lot more shifty

Option 4: Beauty Escape Cosmetics Demogorgan ($7, -15% w/ non-affil code BEAUTYCULT)- last but certainly not least, Demogorgan has a similar base color but a stronger pinky magenta shift

▪️7 vs Beauty Escape Cosmetics Lincoln Road ($7, -15% w/ non-affil code BEAUTYCULT)- 7 is a pinky copper duochrome. Lincoln Road is a little deeper with a stronger copper shift.

Option 2: ColourPop Thank U, Next was my original choice and it’s quite similar to Lincoln Road. Just a little more red. CP Arrow would be another good alternative

▪️8 vs Devinah Penelope ($5, -20% w/ affil code BEAUTYCULT)- both are matte peachy pinks. Penelope is a shader darker and more pigmented

Option 2: Looxi Peach-a-Boo is more orange and has a satin finish

▪️9 vs Looxi Baby Girl ($4, -10% w/ affil code BEAUTYCULT)- 9 is a sheer baby pink with glittery green reflects. Baby Girl is a very similar color but it has a smooth opaque formula

Option 2: Devinah Pixy Stix is more similar to 9 in texture and finish but the color is off

Tada! One down, two to go… hopefully I’ll be posting dupes for the orange and pink palettes later this week!


  1. I’d love to hear your thoughts on the Huda Neon Green palette. I bought the Neon Pink and the Neon Orange, both of which I’m pleased with. I’m hesitant to buy the Neon Green since it looks like a glitter bomb, and did not get good reviews. But it does look unique…


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