Natasha Denona Sunrise Palette SWATCHES

Sample. Affil links.

Guys! Natasha Denona launched her first smaller scale eyeshadow palette, $65 and you can shop it at Beautylish HERE

It’s 15 shadows with a total of 19.25g vs her usual 37.5g of the larger ones (ie Biba).

I prefer this size cause 1. It’s more affordable and 2. When will one get through an entire palette of the larger ones?

This is a swatch post, I am still testing and I did wear it through the weekend but not enough to do a full shade breakdown review and I’m not here to lie and say omgaaah I fken think you NEEDDD IT after I barely used it twice! But yea it’s gorgeous, the mattes are getting way better from this brand. It has a similar feel to others out there: Viseart Warm, ColourPop Yes Please, ColourPop Lit, Lime Crime Venus … but it still an amazing palette and blended like a dream.

I did find that ASTER and AZALEA perform better foiled with a wet brush. The other foils apply perfectly with finger or brush but the two above tended to have fallout as they are more of a iridescent top.

Also how delicious is CARNELIAN? It’s like the inside of a pumpkin. A smoked yellow? Reminds me of ColourPop Juicer!

Alright. Swatches. And we would be forever grateful if you used our links to shop! At Beautylish – click here.

Thank you for reading and let me know if you’re picking it up!


  1. Oooooh my girl!!! I’ll totally shop your links!! Coming back here to buy through yours on Thursday when I get paid (I’m trying not to put anything on credit cards anymore Hahahaha) looks gorgeous. Must have it even tho I don’t need it!!! Btw will you be reviewing the new Huda Neons? I bought two and then I looked at my Juvias place palettes and I was like “shit. I already have like all these colors.”


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