ColourPop “Blue Moon” palette swatches And discount code

Sample. 10% off with affil code BEAUTYCULT – exclusions apply. Palettes are usually excluded but try it on your order regardless. CLICK HERE TO SHOP

BLUE MOOOOONNNN! Behold the Blue palette in the monochromatic series being released. $12 and OUT NOW!

But first packaging deets:

Your standard cardboard with metallic lettering and the palette itself is plastic with a mirror. The names are printed on the box and on the palette itself in metallic blue.

There’s a few duochromes and I see a shade LUMI that reminds me of Sugarpill’s Lumi (which I unfortunately never had but I’m comparing using a sample Angela have me years ago!). SUGARPILL’s was a loose pigment and teal whereas CP’s is icy blue and pressed.

Top is CP / bottom is SP

Also, I know everyone was asking for a yellow palette and I think they are going through the most requested colors on this monochromatic saga so I wouldn’t be surprised… in the meantime!:

Lets go into the shades.

LUMI duochrome periwinkle shimmer

DA BA DEE a very cool royal blue matte

MOONLITE light sky blue matte

STARRY EYED a darker version of the above matte as well

BILLIE JEAN silvery Saphyre shimmer.

TIDE POOL a bright cerulean shimmer

MAD ABOUT U darker shimmery blue

FINE CHINA the brightest cobalt matte

CLUED IN navy baby! Matte.

Let’s look at them again, in all the versions and different lighting.

A total stunner!!! Let me know if you’re picking up and what other monochromatic palette are you hoping to see released!?!


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