“Thanks a Melon” glitter / eye bundle swatches

Sample. Affil link/ code : SHOP HERE ON RELEASE. 10% off with code BEAUTYCULT *exclusions apply*

These are the GLITTERALLY OBSESSED bundles and single items. All drops 5/16 10AM PST. Last two pics are iPhone pics for reference.

GLITERALLY OBSESSED MINI PLUS SUPERNOVAS BUNDLES $12: they have mini versions of the Gliterally Obsessed! 3.10 g (vs the 15g for the full size) so if you want to try and don’t feel like getting a big size. This size is only available in bundles and not on their own, but you can still buy the full sized ones for $8 on colourpops website (link bio!) . if you are new around here, these are glitter gels for the face or hair and some brazen souls use them on the eyes.

🍉DEAR SUMMER: GO in WISH ME LUCK (clear base with holo glitter) and Supernova in SAND CASTLE (pink peach metallic with gold glitter)

🍉SLIP N SLIDE: GO in DISCO LADY (Similar to WISH ME LUCK but has significantly larger HOLO iridescent glitters) and Supernova in HAZY (the prettiest! lavender with teal duochrome).

🍉SANDIA SMASH GO in AVENUE OF THE STARS (clear base with magenta and large gold glitters). and a pink metallic supernova in ICEPOP.

🍉GLITERALLY OBSESSED MINI TRIO $12: three shades in the mini versions

STARFIRE :  lavender, silver and holo glitter

STAR PARTY: bright silver glitter with large holo glitter

KEEP IT PLUTONIC: champagne gold

🍉Single GLITERALLY OBSESSED $8 IN BRING THE HEAT: multi hued gold – very blingy! and TRIPPIN IN SKIES which is an opalescent glitter with multiple sized glitters.

Anything on your list?? Stay tuned for more swatches!

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