ColourPop’s 5th Birthday Collection: “THANKS A MELON” Sneak Peeks and discount code!

SAMPLE. AFFIL LINK/ CODE: “BEAUTYCULT” for 10% off – Click HERE to shop!

COLOURPOP IS 5! 5 years ago I started following this tiny little online only brand called ColourPop, I was intrigued by their eyeshadows because not only were they super pigmented on pics but they were going to be only $5! It had to be a joke and they had to suck right? so I made my first order and got them ALL! I reviewed makeup on my own personal page just for kicks and within weeks I was ordering every single item they released, I was hooked and so were you. Fast forward to what is now a giant enterprise with weekly drops and collabs with big names, they never forgot me (I didn’t let them either lol… I was prob their earliest stalker cause I could SMELL how big they were going to be!) and here I am, receiving their latest release, so proud of where its gotten and where its going, supporting alongside a team that has become friends to me, and now we have a permanent code for everyone part of the Cult: BEAUTYCULT for 10% off (affil) so that’s really exciting for me to celebrate and I wish them many many more years and ill get on with the mushy stuff because you guys came here to see the collection.

BAM! a watermelon themed collection because summer is here (well, not really, its like 40 degrees here in PA and Im wearing a hoodie while I type this.. ) but with the one shade we alllll love: CORALLLL! coral themed everything and its allll so freaking beautiful I want to cryyyyY! even the mailers are pretty and have the theme colors but the packaging itself is adorable and the watermelon seeds are beveled so you can feel the texture on the boxes, its the little things! And I feel there is something for everyone. The names are all summer inspired: grilling, summer heat, eating icees in the corner, the beach..

These were the cards included on the box and this will be a sneak peek only, swatches will be trickled in separate posts so you don’t wait on them but see them as I edit the names in etc. So subscribe to the blog and keep peep on insta as I’ll post a pic there and redirect you here. Insta only allows me 10 pics at a time and it’s super annoying cause I have like a million details I like showing you.

The SSS of this Birthday celebration is called BIRTHDAY TREAT and itll be FREE with all purchases, it has the coral packaging and its a light coral with pink specks. Its labeled as a SUPER SHOCK PRESSED PIGMENT and not to be used in the eye area (I think because its a glittery pigment). Its essentially GORGINA and worth just ordering one thing to get it for free.

MAIN SQUEEZE EYESHADOW PALETTE $12: 9 shades on a mirrored compact. CORAL THEMED palette! I already did full swatches as this palette deserved its own post and you can check it out HERE

MELONADE – SINGLE MATTE LIP $7 – This is a deep dark coral red and the most dupeable in the collection. Still a gorg color if you don’t own anything like it.

BIG SLICE – SO JUICY PLUMPING GLOSS $7 in a luscious high sheen coral.


  • OUT OF RIND : Ultra Glossy in SCORCHER (Clear pink base with lavender and pink and holo glitters) and Ultra matte in ON THE GRILL (hot magenta pink).
  • SWEET CRUSH: Ultra Glossy in GRANITA (Clear violet base with pink and holo glitters) and Ultra matte in SHERBERT SHOP (a warm rose)
  • SLICE OF LIFE: Ultra Glossy in FRESCO (a Rose gold metallic peach) and Ultra BLOTTED! in SWING AWAY (muted coral).

GLITERALLY OBSESSED MINI PLUS SUPERNOVAS BUNDLES $12: they have mini versions of the Gliterally Obsessed! 3.10 g (vs the 15g for the full size) so if you want to try and don’t feel like getting a big size. This size is only available in bundles and not on their own, but you can still buy the full sized ones for $8 HERE. if you are new around here, these are glitter gels for the face or hair and some brazen souls use them on the eyes.

  • DEAR SUMMER: GO in WISH ME LUCK (clear base with holo glitter) and Supernova in SAND CASTLE (pink peach metallic with gold glitter)
  • SLIP N SLIDE: GO in DISCO LADY (Similar to WISH ME LUCK but has significantly larger HOLO iridescent glitters) and Supernova in HAZY (the prettiest! lavender with teal duochrome).
  • SANDIA SMASH GO in AVENUE OF THE STARS (clear base with magenta and large gold glitters). and a pink metallic supernova in ICEPOP.

GLITERALLY OBSESSED MINI TRIO $12: three shades in the mini versions,

  • STARFIRE :  lavender, silver and holo glitter
  • STAR PARTY: bright silver glitter with large holo glitter
  • KEEP IT PLUTONIC: champagne gold

Single GLITERALLY OBSESSED $8 IN BRING THE HEAT: multi hued gold – very blingy! and TRIPPIN IN SKIES which is an opalescent glitter with multiple sized glitters.

BEST SERVED CHILLED FACE BUNDLE $24: this has a Watermelon seed oil (unscented), a watermelon face milk ( an emulsified moisturizer with a light watermelon scent,) and a lippie scrub called “ONE IN A MELON” which has watermelon scent and flavor!!! this is a collab of sorts with their sister skincare brand FOURTH RAY BEAUTY.


This is all launching Thursday 5/16 10am PST!

SOOO what caught your eye???



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