ColourPop Cosmetics “Main Squeeze” Palette swatches

sample. affil link: shop here on release and use code BEAUTYCULT for 10% off most items at Colourpop.

The palette! this is going to be $12 and will be available Thursday May 16th 10AM PST – 1PM EST as part of a full MELON collection (full deets to be released soon)

The packaging is red cardboard watermelon themed with beveled seeds that can be felt to the touch, with the sidings in green stripes.

The palette itself is a plastic casing with a mirror and the names of the shades written in gold. If you look in the back there are shades marked with an asterisk that denote : not to be used on the eye area because they are pigments and will melt your eye.. jk! FDA doesn’t approve the use of pigments in the eye but I use a primer and do tests on my very sensitive contact lens wearing eyes and nothing happened. Test at your own risk!

Swatches! the palette is red/coral monochromatic with a few coral peach infused golds for shock factor.

FROSE is a matte in mid peach rose.

JUICY FRUIT is the prettiest peach gold

HOME SLICE a shimmery red coral

LIKE ITS HOT is extremely similar to HS above, but its matte

MARASCHINO  shimmering coral pink

BIG GULP bright coral even as it looks muted on pan

SEED MONEY – was this a nod to parent company SEED BEAUTY? this is a pretty terracotta

BAY WATCH coppery shimmer

RED BOTTOMS darkened red

All the swatches were done without a primer and did not stain my arm.

Next to SOL for reference :

Will you be getting?


  1. Obviously yes, Yes i will be getting. This collection is too cute to pass up. And I love that it’s not OTT cutesy while still being cute in concept. Btw congrats on your perm affil code, of course I’ll be using it!!


  2. Pigments on the eye area can’t cause you damage from one use but are not good in a long run. 🙂 Also, they assume everyone will know what kind of palette is this, but I can’t see a description anywhere on the packaging.
    The shades look extremely similar. ColorPop has always had well thought products but I thing they finally made a mistake and prove they are human 😀
    Nice review. Have a nice one 🙂


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