Ipsy Glam Bag Plus


I got the Ipsy GLAM BAG PLUS to review and I got you the deets! The theme is #ipsybloom and all things spring: bright, fresh etc etc. They launched late 2018 only for existing Ipsy glam bag subbies but opened it up for everyone else as of April 2019. GLAM BAG PLUS features 5 FULL SIZED items for $25 and you can also purchase add ins to your bag directly on their website.

I’ll be honest, I was hesitant. I had been an Ipsy subscriber for years on their regular $10 bag and I quit last year after tossing buckets of unused samples. I wondered if the $25 tag also meant weird deluxe sizes instead of full size but no, actual biggies. So okaaay, here we go.

Let’s see what I got!

@girlactik 3 in 1 sparkle balm duo in periwinkle and twinkle (retails $34 for both) this is a gloss in a tube, I was hesitant but it actually feels really comfy, then I went back to read and it turns out it also a balm. It’s not sticky but it’s very very glittery! I’ll prob use on top of lipstick for a dab of shine.

@parishiltonskincare cleansing gel/ I didn’t know Paris was doing skincare, I have a million cleansers on rotation right now so it’ll be a bit before I get to this one. My mom took it and I will prob not miss it. This retails for $29.

@goldfadenmd bright eyes ($55) this is THE eye depuffer! I actually really liked this as I felt cooling and calming as soon as I applied. I rarely sleep a full night and I’m stressing about a million things going on in my life, so my eyes tend to get puffy and sallow. I’m trying to quit caffeine slowly so maybe this helps me seem more awake. Lols here’s to hoping.

@laurasanchezxbeauty Moods eyeshadow and highlighter palette – I tried only the highlighters so far and I liked, I never heard of this brand so I’m excited to see it featured in this bag. @this.is.feel balancing cream $28 is a face and body moisturizer and is already sitting on my bathroom sink on rotation, it does what it says, it’s not strongly perfumed, it’s not oily, I’ll prob not be using it as my main face moisturizer but it’s my go to body one now.

Overall it’s definitely worth the $25 and much more, I rather pay a bit more for full size items I can and will use (or gift) than half that for samples I was tossing away. Some brands I had never heard about but that didn’t mean they were crappy items, they were just brands I had not heard about which is the point of a subscription box: to try stuff I wouldn’t otherwise be tempted to try for myself. I overall liked.

Will you be trying !?!

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