Clionadh Cosmetics ‘Harvest Moon’ Bundle: Review, Swatches and Discount Code


Clionadh Cosmetics ‘Harvest Moon’ Bundle

CLIONADH COSMETICS is a vegan and cruelty-free Canadian indie brand made in Toronto by two sisters, Leigh and Maggie. Leigh is a graphic designer and former makeup artist. Maggie has a background in chemistry, microbiology and toxicology and one day hopes to become a neurosurgeon (*sidebar- I’m not even entirely sure what a neurosurgeon is). As you can imagine, the combination of their skill sets gives them a unique advantage to create some incredible products! I’ve had the privilege of reviewing Clionadh for a few years now. You can check out my previous Clionadh reviews on this page, if you’re interested. They recently sent a big ol’ package my way and my first (of many) review will be of their Harvest Moon bundle!

The Harvest Moon bundle includes 11 eyeshadows, 6 shimmers and 5 mattes. It retails for CAD $60 ($44.65 usd) and all of the shadows can be purchased individually for between CAD $6-7 ($4.47- $5.21 usd) each. Also we have a non-affiliate discount code with them BEAUTYCULT10 for 10% off. There are some exclusions but the code does apply to this bundle and the single shadows.

Toasty is a medium red brown with orange undertones and a matte finish. It has a soft, slightly dusty texture with a bit of fallout. It blends out evenly with minimal effort and has opaque color payoff

Parchment is a medium khaki brown with olive undertones and a matte finish. It has impressive pigmentation that applies nearly opaque with one layer and sheers out minimally with blending.

Poinsettia is a deep rusty red with an ultra metallic finish. It has excellent pigmentation that adheres well even to bare skin and blends out with ease

Rune is a grungy olive green with an ultra metallic finish. The texture is creamy and smooth and it applies evenly with brush.

Karat is an ultra metallic antique gold. It has intense pigmentation even on bare skin.

Honeycrisp is a bright coral pink with a metallic finish. It has a smooth, lightly emollient texture that’s easy to pick up with a brush, apply, and blend.

Chamomile has a creamy ivory with a sparkly gold shift. The texture is a bit denser than the other shimmers in this bundle but it still applies smoothly even with a soft brush. It also doubles as a beautiful highlighter on fair skin

Maize is a bright, sunny yellow with a matte finish. It has a soft texture that produces a good bit of kick up. However it does have really good color payoff especially for that type of color. It’s buildable to full coverage with a light second layer.

Toadstool has a pink base with a blue green overly. It also looks purple from some angles. It has rich pigmentation in a single layer and applies smoothly even to bare skin. The texture is slightly emollient and dense without being heavy or too firmly pressed

Gourd is a light to medium orange with a matte finish. It has opaque color payoff with a smooth, velvety texture. Although it does have a good bit of kick up if you’re not light handed, I was impressed by how well it adhered to the eye lids without sheering out when blended

Raspberry Fudge is a deep plummy burgundy with a matte finish. It has rich color payoff that applies smoothly and evenly. The texture is soft, velvety, blendable and maintains it’s intensity all day

So to recap… the mattes are soft and have a good bit of kick up in the pan so you’ll want to be light handed. A problem that I often have with indie mattes is their tendency to sheer out when blended but these do a good job of maintaining their intensity. This is where Maggie’s science background really shines… the girl can formulate! The shimmers are excellent. They have great color payoff and a texture that’s creamy and emollient without being overly heavy. It’s a great bundle for fall and I highly recommend it! Also don’t forget about our discount code BEAUTYCULT10 for 10% off. *exclusions apply

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