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ITS MAAAY! Officially ColourPop’s birthday month and these peeps brought down the HOUS! Be prepared for insane new stuff, crazy sales, stupidly gorgeous sneaky drops…. which brings me to this new baby that was sneakily dropped TODAY in their site!

Behold the Super Shock EXTREME, sold AS A SET ONLY at $.

Theme is def a party and we can’t help but tremble at the possibility of all the things that are coming this month if this is how things are going to start.

Super shock extreme is a heavy glitter pigment tie dye. These are not for the weak of heart and bring me back to old school ColourPop that after I did my initial swatches I couldn’t help but revert to my old school, non stencil, RAW-finger-swatches!

These are denoted as NOT INTENDED FOR THE EYE AREA soooo my guess would be body? Highlighter? I tried them on my eyes and they didn’t need a binder and had mild fallout (after 10 hours Of wear), BUT I would wear this with a little bit of glitter glue to ensure I don’t loose an eyeball. They picked up fairly well with a brush but I notice the brush picks up mostly the glitter, if you want the pigment component I recommend you use your fingers since this is SUPER SHOCK after all. It blended really easy and it was a glitter bomb of epic proportion.

Again, for a continuous use in the eye I’ll prob wear with a glitter glue. Mainly cause I’m super sensitive and wear contacts and the idea of volatile glitter doing its own little party on my unprotected eyes gave me the shudders.


Behold boring ass stencil swatches, I thought this needed some old school heavy duty swatch.

Annnnd heavy duty swatch: actually just like two swipes of each shade really.

Let’s talk about these shades!!!


Similar to the Gliterally Obsessed In Puffin: a bright yellow with yellow gold glitter

CAnt Party Wait is a rose gold with copper glitter swirled with rose pigment

PARTY PLAN This is a rather dark taupe with gold glitter

PARTY SHOP magenta with coral glitter! BE STILLL MAH HART!

PARTY PARTY violet with champagne gold glitter. I lost it with this one! It’s so gorg!

SORRY FOR PARTYING : Royal blue with magenta glitter

The last three stained my arms so beware! Use a primer to minimize this if you dare to try them on your lids.

Out NOW! Shop HERE


  1. I just bought them! So pretty. I’ll use Pixie Epoxy with them. Also, had to get another Sweet talk palette, it’s their best one ever and I am afraid it’d be discontinued, lol. Thanks for the amazing swatches!!


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