Sephora Sale picks for Spring

All were Purchased. Affil links.

Sephora sale is upon us! Starts April 26th for ROUGE and the tiering for discount is:

  • Rouges: April 26th through May 6th 20% off with code HEYROUGE
  • VIBs: May 2nd through May 6th 15% off with code HEYVIB
  • Beauty Insiders: May 2nd through May 6th 10% off with code HEYBI

I usually stock up with skincare and essentials, and get at least a high ticket number palette or ridiculously expensive serum. I have been purchasing a few things and I still haven’t reviewed the infamous Patrick Ta line, so I’ll try to have that up within the timeframe of the sale too. I know for sure you can skip the glosses, but I have yet to make up my mind about the rest of the things so stay tuned.

In the meantime. Work on a cart because everyone and their mothers will go for the high ticket things and things usually sell out (specially when they’ve been hyped up ).

Here is my good hits and misses:

Nars Endless Orgasm Palette $49

This is a mid toned palette that will be excellent for medium tones and darker! Only two shades are highlighters are the rest are mostly shimmering blushes.

Get if: you like Creme blushes and dewy complexion

Skip if: you don’t like shimmering blush or Creme anything, also the palette itself is heavy, can be used as a weapon.

The Ordinary – multi peptide for Hair Density $17.90

In a few weeks I have noticed my hair is thicker and not so bland and weak. I have been applying at night every 3/4th day and it has also helped my scalp flaking. It has a slight cooling sensation and it’s not oily on application.

I am continuing my testing to find out if it really makes my hair grow but so far for the flake help alone, I recommend.

Olaplex #6 bond smoother leave in $28

I put this on after I wash my hair and about to blow dry it. This protects my hair against heat and my blowout is overall easier (smoothes my hair quicker so I don’t apply so much heat) and my hair is softer at the end. Also, the scent it has is amazing, smells like salon hair. You know that scent? Like you just got your hair done professionally!?

Watermelon Glow Ultra Fine Mist $28

The softest tiniest of mists!!! It smells delish without being overpowering, it actually moisturizes and the packaging is cute and minimal enough you can carry around. A MUST.

Ole Enriksen Banana face primer $36

This I can use on its own! It gives a natural glow when worn under foundation that just looks healthy and summery! I mixed this with the Illuminating CC from It cosmetics and it was like GLOWWWWWW BISSSHHH FOR DAYSSS. The moon called and said I had to tone it down cause they couldn’t sleep up there.

Sunday Riley A+

I’ve been on the retinoid serum for a few weeks now and it’s made my skin overall smoother and tighter. I use this at night and combine the Good Genes during the day and the combo of the two have gotten rid of the dry texture I so often complain about.

Narcisist oil infused lip tint $26

I’m loving! I purchased this because Angel Merino (macdaddy ) was rocking it nonstop lately and it’s a stunner. It’s not sticky, it layers like a light gloss but it stays glossy while hydrating your lips with a slight shimmer. It’s so freaking comfy! SOLD. Need backups status!


Farsali liquid Glass $54

yes it does give you a smoother canvas and does illuminate and hydrate BUT I ended up liking the look and feel of another primer better (next). This is nothing a shot of hyaluronic serum under a brightening primer / moisturizer wouldn’t do. I use either Good Molecules Hyaluronic serum $6 or Fourth Ray Rainfall $15 under my moisturizer and it’s basically the same thing.

Let me know what’s in your cart NOW as I’m looking to add a few things for review!!!!


  1. I’m not usually a huge fan of DE, as it just hasn’t performed for me like other brands (Dennis Gross and Herbivore) But Im going to give their new A Passioni Retinol cream a try! I’ve been using Differin gel for over a year, works AMAZING but I’d like to switch to something more natural.


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