Shayla x ColourPop Collab: “UNDER CONSTRUCTION”

Sample. Affil link BEAUTYCULT takes 10% off colourpop. Exclusions apply

You cannot swing a dead cat without hitting a new ColourPop release! And why should they stop? They have a ton of ideas, the way to make them happen fast and inexpensive, so don’t hate the player, hate the game. I, for one love the weekly drops and I may be very very biased here in which case, by all means, kiss my arse.

I do like Shayla, Ive talk to her a few times and she’s a sweet girl, her makeup is always on point, girl got an enviable bod and her style and aesthetics are always very kick ass. Her original perception palette is an all time fave of mine and her lippies have always been very wearable, she likes the satin finish like me so I’m all for that.

Why UNDER CONSTRUCTION: she explains that for the past year her life has been under construction, her health and fitness journey, her own house being under construction and she felt that a lot of people could relate being in a stage in life where things felt “under construction” in process, progress pending etc.

The entire collection drops this Friday 4/26 10AM PST / 1PM EST and you can shop it here

Let’s hit it!


Don’t judge this for the mere first impression. The palette itself has a lot of interesting shades so let’s break them down

PROCEED: a sand / bone shade.

MAINTENANCE: a dark red clay

DEAD END a bright gold

WARNING an orange shimmery gold

HZRD a dark taupe brown


DRILL cooper in a foiled Finish

CULTURE terra-cotta burnt sienna style

GLOVES ON black with copper micro shimmer

Another look:

The lip stuff:

Lippie pencils $6 each

Liquid Lips $7 each

Lip bundle ($12 each )

SLOW DOWN – satin : a nude beige, paired with BFF 4 for a defined lip

SPEED UP: a satin medium tone rose.

The lippies are satin and shades i’d def use, but they are highly dupeable. They are nude staples you already prob have in your stash.

The Blushes!

2 blushes $8 each


CONSTRUCT: a slight shimmer brown rose

$54 full PR collection: includes box (See below pics from lovely @_binhtran from ColourPop who assisted in getting these pics for the cult (I didn’t receive the main box as it was not available at press release).

Picking anything up? Try our affil code just in case if you have other goodies in your cart that may apply: BEAUTYCULT for 10% off. Exclusions apply.


  1. I actually love the concept behind this collection and I can 1000% percent relate this year. I’ll definitely be buying the palette and nude/brown lippie set. The pink/brown lippie set is a little off to me. But whatevs. I have a ton of other stuff in my cart I’ve been meaning to buy so I’ll def use your code!!! Xoxo


    • Great concept, but it honestly does look rather dupeable overall… Like a cross between Brown Sugar and Yes Please.

      Other than the yellow, a very “safe” collection IMO. Which is fine if you want to buy some basics to support Shayla, I just don’t feel that this pushes the envelope much. If they had less frequent releases I’d be harder on them about that, but as it is, eh.

      For the concept I think they could’ve gone with a more creative interpretation of “under construction” or at least a few different things, like a highlighter that mimics the reflectivity of stripes on safety jackets/fresh road paint. A safety cone orange ultra blurred lip or heck even satin. It just feels like they fell a little short of potential.

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