New Devinah Cosmetics Multichromes: Swatches and Discount Code

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New Devinah Cosmetics Multichromes ($8 each, -20% w/ affil code BEAUTYCULT)

Did you see that Devinah Cosmetics just dropped 5 new Multichromes??! It’s the same five pans in all of the photos above! They’re $8 each or $6.40 with an affiliate code. Ours is BEAUTYCULT. These are a little different from the multichromes that we’ve seen from so many brands in the past year or so. For thing they don’t have a black base. I tend to only use the standard multichromes as liners because of their blackened base whenever I blend them, they look harsh for lack of a better word. Sort of muddy with a grayish tint. Anyway. These don’t do that. They’re not quite as insanely shifty but they’re still pretty impressive as you can see from the pics. They’re also a lot less expensive. Those multichrome micas are ridiculously expensive which is why brands have to charge an arm and a leg for them. $6.40 per pan is a lot more palatable than $18 which is what I’ve seen them priced at. Oh! And we’ll be giving away two sets on Instagram in the next day or two so keep your eyes peeled for that. Okay. Now let’s look at a zillion photos!

Nacarat looks copper straight on and shifts red, pink and gold

Gallus is a cranberry pink that shifts from a cool berry tone with a hint of blue to a light peachy pink to a bright red copper

Emacity is a bright magenta that shifts blue to lavender to cranberry pink

Thalassic… this one is my favorite of the bunch. It looks green straight on. When you look at the pan, you think it’s going to be a basic green/brown duo that every brand has a version of. Wrong! It actually has a berry colored base with a shimmery green overlay and it shifts pink, purple and blue.

Pavonine has a plummy base with a sparkly teal overlay that shifts blue, lavender and pink. I looooooove this one!

And some full swatches!

All five are gorgeous but my personal favs are Pavonine and Thalassic. Thanks in advance if you use our affiliate code BEAUTYCULT to save 20% at Devinah Cosmetics

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