ColourPop Festival Collection

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Its a FESTIVAL!!!!!!!! Brace yourselves girls and bois! The festival season is upon us and the obligatory blast of goodness drops from everywhere, leading the caravan is the  FESTIVAL collection dropping 4/5. ⁣⁣ Everything has that neon blacklight reactive packaging and the shades themselves are popping!


Stuff: ⁣⁣



4 PRESSED PIGMENTS $5 each (they come in the neon casing)⁣ BUT ALSO AVAIL ON PAN!

3 new SO JUICY GLOSSES $7 each ⁣⁣

And you asked for it: WHITE BFF MASCARA “LITTLE WHITE LIE” $8 a pop!


The neon bag is only available on the bundle! Whomp

(Prices on post have been updated to the correct revised pricing which differs from the postcard initially received)


We are kicking off FESTIVAL swatches with the Creme gel liners, retractable with the packaging mirroring the shade of the liner.  yes: UNTZ has tiny flecks of gold in it (now I can’t shake the UNTZ UNTZ UNTZ 🔊🎵🎶 out of my head!

Now, I found them to be quite delicate overall, if you take too much out they can break so only scroll out what you need. They apply and give you time to blend then out with a brush or even flick them with a small angle brush but they are not overtly Neon and bright once you buff them in, feel free to apply, shape with a brush and then reapply a light layer OR apply white as base and layer the neon on top.

FAVE: the pink and the orange! ⁣

These are $5 a pop. .⁣


The SO JUICY glosses are such a MUST! I wore “NASA” on my stories and it’s such a quick and easy look specially for when you have to reapply on the go and not bother wether it went in perfect.  These are slightly plumping with a minty feel that gently smoothed out my lines and not stingy at all. These are $7 each. I can’t pick a fave! I loved all three but FEELS LIKE SUMMER is a delish creamy that just may be the ultimate staple for the summer. ⁣

The pigments!!!! These will be $5 and come in the cute mirrored compact BUT they will also be available in pan form which I will get doubles of for my giant palettes. they are pressed pigments which is a purer form of eyeshadow and generally not safe to use on the eyes (so says the FDA), we have been using pigments on our eyes for a long time but if your eyes are sensitive, make sure you test them out before full on putting a whole look on and giving yourself a pink eye. It really hasn’t happened to me and I have sensitive eyes anyway but still. Thread lightly and don’t come here sue me if you grow a third eye.

Faves: im a seasoned Neon wearer. So I will have to be honest and say all four are a must. Afraid of wearing them so wildly!? Try one shade at a time all over the lid and seal with a black wing. ⁣

OOO is a neon orange (why did I say salmon before?? Da fuc!? Anyway! This was previously seen in the SOL palette. It’s a night shade and it’s super soft and blendable for a pigment (sometimes pigments are drier which wasn’t the case here!yay!). ⁣

SEEING STARS is a popping violet and my honest favorite of this bunch.  It went on full pigment with one swipe but I have a feeling this is going to be stunning over a white base. ⁣

KEEP SCROLLING is a neon chartreusse yellow, this shade was a bit powdery and hard to swatch as it didn’t layered well, neon shades this light are better over a white base such as concealer or the NYX jumbo pencil in white I use too. I used it over white over the weekend and it layered well and better than on its own this shade is brighter lighter than Xenon from MELT, since I know you were wondering. ⁣

SANDBAR is our resident neon pink, we love her already. ⁣it’s been a staple since the original pressed eyeshadow dropped.

These are $5 each and also available as pans.

Now the glitters! Also $5 These are pressed glitters in pans and I HIGHLY RECOMMEND You to use a glitter glue for these, NO glitter is not recommended for eye use because of the possibility of a scratched cornea but here we are literally eating ground up whatever it is that’s on chicken nuggets so um yea, I put glitter on my eyes but you shouldn’t take that as law tho. So I guess I’m not supposed to tell you that you should. But you’ll look fly as fuc wearing glitter so that’s that. Anyway! Y’all know I wear glitter but I make sure I layer Lit Cosmetics glitter glue (we got an affil discount code w them using BEAUTYCULT for 20% off. But it’s just generally a solid fool proof glitter glue and they have a “forever wear 24hr version” that’s excellent for festivals and anywhere where you want to have your glitter look stay put all day and night into dawn.

HUNGRY GHOST: a warm silver gold color and bigger sized glitters

LIGHT SHOW : this is a periwinkle and silver micro glitter however it was hard to layer and make to lay flat to get an even swatch.

PALOOZA is a yellow gold similar to PUFFIN (glitterally obsessed) but smaller glitters and the latter is brighter.

BOOBBOYAH looks orange in pan and it’s a red orange gold. Has tiny green specks in there too.

RENEGADE is a rose gold

FYRE is a green shade reminiscent to all that money them people scammed out of peeps that paid for that fake show bahahaha. Sorry sport. INDIO is a silver rose shade with a lot of holo specks

FREE BIRD is a bright magenta with a lot of holographic specks as well and violet shifting specks.

I did try the mascara on and dumb enough I didn’t get any pictures. I think you can either mix it with other shades to create pastel mascara or just on its own for shock factor. I’d do some wild look and then use that as the ultimate bam! In your face! Look to pick up dragon from daycare. Jk. Maybe.

Also: a quick comparison from the glitters to the one on the sweet talk palette.

Ultimately: some super shocks were brought back as part of the release and you can still save 10% on those using code BEAUTYCULT at ColourPop! Stock up on EROTIC super shock!


  1. good advice on glitter eyeshadow. I just scratched my eye and now have conjunctivitis . Be very careful. It was not from this brand though


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