New Looxi Beauty Mattes: Review, Swatches and Discount Code

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New Looxi Beauty Mattes ($5 each, -10% w/ affil code BEAUTYCULT)

Looxi just released 20 new matte eyeshadows! Before we get into the review, let’s go over the details…

💫These are the beginning of Looxi’s transition to manufactured cosmetics.

💫As mentioned, these are LAB created, and gorgeous!

💫These Mattes are TRAVEL SAFE as well!

💫ALL shades are:





💫These are definitely NOT shadows made in China, and Jess invested more in having them made here in the US, to keep quality TOP PRIORITY!

💫They will be adding NEW mattes approximately every 2-3 weeks, depending on the Labs production ability

💫Some Mattes have been formulated with a Matte pearl which has a slight shimmer, but will blend out matte

Okay so the new formula… firstly they’re much stronger now. I’ve already dropped a few and there have been no causalities so that’s awesome. The texture is soft, velvety and a little on the thin side without being too powdery. The color pay off of the darker shades is opaque in a single layer and they blend easily without losing their intensity. The lighter shades have semi-opaque, buildable pigmentation. They apply evenly and blend out with minimal effort but require a several layers to reach opacity. I’ll elaborate more as we go but the gist is that the formula is really good! It actually reminds me of Makeup Geek which is my all time favorite matte formula so that’s really saying something. Okay so starting with the neutrals…

Roasted is dark, cool toned brown. All of the dark shades in this release perform really well. As I already mentioned they have nice pigmentation and they blend easily without losing their intensity.

Doppio is a dark taupe brown. Instead of saying the same shit every time, I’m just going to describe the colors until we get to the lighter shades that perform differently.

Dolce is a medium neutral brown

Totally Toffee is light to medium warm brown. It’s a very pretty transition color for tan to light brown skin tones but does require a few layers to reach opacity

Biscotti is a matte cream with pink undertones. It’s basically the exact same color as my skin so I have to layer it quite a bit to get it to show up on my eyelids. However it’s a perfect blending shade for me since it matches my skin so well

Sinnamon is a deep red brown. It’s excellent. Definitely get this one if you’re planning on ordering

Venti is a medium warm brown. Another really nice shadow.

Caffeine Queen is almost a salmon pink. Maybe a little more orange than salmon. It has great color pay off and makes a nice transition color for light to medium skin tones

Peach-a-Boo is one the pearl shades mentioned. There’s three others… Lucky Charm, Sundaze and Notice Me. This formula performs a little differently than the regular mattes. They have the ‘buildable’ pigmentation that I mentioned in the intro. So basically they apply sheer but you can layer them to reach full, true to pan color pay off (if that’s what you’re going for).

Cream & Sugar is a light peachy brown and another great transition color for light complexions

Onto the colorful section!

Cherry Kiss is a true red matte. It’s like a deeper version of Sugarpill Love+. And don’t forget, all of these shades are vegan! It has great color pay off and blends out with minimal effort.

Clementine Cutie is a vivid orange with intense pigmentation

Sundaze is one of the pearl shades. It looks pretty shimmery in the swatches but that’s because it was packed on my arm with a shader brush. The shimmer goes away with blending

Sunny Side is matte yellow. I noticed that it has a tendency to sheer out when blended. I got the best results when I packed it on with a dense brush and gently softened the edges with a blending brush

Lucky Charm is a lime green and one of the pearl shades. As with Sunny Side, I have to apply it in a packing motion with a dense brush to get saturated color pay off

Matcha is a deep forest green with pigmentation

Blue Your Mind is a bold cobalt blue

Naughty in Napa is a deep bluish purple. I was really impressed with this one. Matte purples are so tricky and this one applies evenly and blends out with minimal effort.

Punk Passion is a beautiful violet. I love how this one looks with green eyes. In some of these swatches it appears to have flecks of shimmer. It’s matte I promise. I just have glitter oozing from my pores at this point.

Notice Me is a pearlized lavender. As with the other pearl shades, the color pay off is sheer but buildable

Okay so to recap… overall i think that this was a great release. The formula is really good and I’m going to these shadows all of the time. However there’s a few shades that I didn’t personal care for, specifically the shadows with the pearl formula and Sunny Side. I’m lazy and I like dramatic makeup. I prefer eyeshadows with intense pigmentation. However that’s just my personal preference. Those particular shades will be great for beginners, those who prefer a more natural look or for someone who wants to ease their way into using more color. That’s my only constructive criticism, other than I have nothing but good things to say! My top picks are Caffeine Queen, Sinnamon, Venti, Cherry Kiss, Punk Passion and Matcha. Thanks in advance if you use our affiliate code BEAUTYCULT to save 10% off of Looxi Beauty products!

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