New Makeup Geek Brow Duos: Review, Swatches and Discount Code

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New Makeup Geek Brow Duos ($10, -10% w/ affil code BEAUTYCULT)

New product alert! Makeup Geek Cosmetics just released these Brow Duos. They retail for $10 and you can use our affiliate code BEAUTYCULT to save 10%. Here’s the deets: The Brow Duos are amazing for creating the perfect arch. Create precise Sharp & Shady Brows with our NEW Brow Defining Duos. Use a light hand for more natural brows or a heavier hand for Instagram ready brows. Available in 6 shades: Blonde, Auburn, Red, Light Brown, Medium Brown, Dark Brown.

All About This Duo:
ūüíęBrow Pencil:
-Highly Pigmented
-Easily used for lining
-Create soft blended looks
-Made In Germany
-Fill Weight 1.29g / 0.06 oz
ūüíęBrow Liner:
-Highly Pigmented
-Perfect for lining and creating hair-like stokes for definition
-Made In Germany
-Fill Weight 0.25g / 0.09 oz

The brow pencils (the ones that you manually sharpen) are SUPER soft and pigmented. I have to make a conscious effort to be as light handed as possible. Then the brow liners (the ones that sharpen automatically) are a bit more natural. They pair really well together. If you’re on the fence about what shade to choose, I’d probably go lighter since they’re so pigmented.

In my opinion, the two stand out shades are Red and Blonde. I feel like my collection was lacking the perfect eyebrow pencil for strawberry blondes and natural redheads and this one is just right. Blonde pencils are often tricky too, either they’re too warm or too ashy. The MUG blonde is the perfect neutral, almost khaki color. If you’re a blonde, a redhead or a makeup artist then I definitely recommend picking them up! However I feel like they need to expand the shade range to include some cool tones. The Medium and Dark Browns are both really warm.

Also I wish that they were sold individually. The two formulas work great together but I’m having to mix shades to match my eyebrows. I’ve been doing a light outline with Dark Brown and then filling in with Light Brown to make them a little lighter and a little less warm.

Disregard the fallout all over my face. Naturally I only took one photo when my makeup was only half done.

MUG also came out with some eyeliners a few weeks ago. They’re $7 (-10% w/ affil code BEAUTYCULT) and available in 6 shades. I’ll do a proper review of those later but in the meantime I figured that I’d include some photos in this post!

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