Lit Cosmetics Glitter Camo

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Lit Cosmetics GLITTER CAMO! $37 ($35 with our code BEAUTYCULT ⚡️-20%) these are a new formula that Lit put out during the last Makeup Show and I was super curious because they are not a glitter gel or a glitter balm (like Lemonhead’s much more opaque and full coverage glitter).

The Packaging is a glitter camouflage and I so need a pair of leggings with this style Print!!!!

These are a spread to be used all over your body or hair and it’s made with mostly fine shimmers with tiny specks of larger glitter so it’s more of a glitter wash of sorts.

Here it is BLENDED OUT:

It smells delicious too but it does have some fall out, luckily is small shimmer specks for the most part. These will be cute for festivals all over your arms or legs as the last step, blended all over your décolletage. The formula itself is an emulsion so it’s easy to spread out but I don’t suggest you try layering it out for an opaque glitter look, they don’t play nice layered and rather get patchy.

The shades:

COMMANDER IN GLITTER: a light lavender with white holo base

SARGEANT SPARKLE: holo and silver

MAJOR GOLD: gold shimmer with specks of gold leaf


Overall they’re cute when blended out and do dry out to a shimmery dry finish, lasting a few hours. Removing them left my arms with a slight fine shimmer but after using a proper makeup remover they came out.

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