ColourPop Spring 2019 Collection “Sweet Talk” – First impressions and Swatches – discount code!

sample, affil code BEAUTYCULT for 10% off ColourPop.

SPRING! chill. Im in PA which means I won’t be in 60 degree weather until at LEAST June so if I hear anyone posting on the comments on how they just wearing a trench coat and already took out your flowery light blouses out of the bin, well la di dah! how good for you! I hope you know I am staring at 2in of casual morning snow we got the other day that has turned to ICE. I hope you know Im not happy with this weather! Im not fken happy and Im not one of those that complains about summer, I deal with the heat like a PRO. Im mostly wearing shorts and I ENJOY being in the heat and humidity. So no, I won’t be enjoying sweet light jackets and springlike events like gardening any time soon so limit your comments to makeup!

Can you tell I just came back from vacation expecting that the week I was out I would come back to Mother Nature suddenly having a change of heart and providing north eastern PA with some much needed warmth? no, Ive been sick the moment I stood outside JFK (I always fly out of NY, plus I took mother along) grumpily waiting for my uber wearing the light t-shirt I wore when I was at the 90degreesyearround weather I just came from.

ok rant over now for real. Lets start again

SPRING! SWEEETTT TALK! so coral is the color of the year and the motif for spring! And peaches and corals came to take over so color was always on your face! I personally love coral, I think it suits most people, I think I personally will rock this collection and have been wearing it nonstop.

The Collection already dropped, click here to shop! and some items will accept our affil code BEAUTYCULT for 10% so try it anyway lol.

The packaging is vintage Inspired with coral flowers and pink, blush and gold accents.

Boxes! Pretty boxes!

The items themselves don’t have any deco with the exception of the jellies which have the shade color on the cap.

jelly much shadows

Let’s jump to the goods shall we!?

Sweet Talk Palette $18
Packaging is cardboard without a mirror and 12 shades including their first ever palette ready SUPER SHOCK SHADOW and their first ever PRESSED GLITTERS!

The supershock was cute and to be honest their other shimmer felt bouncy too, in fact I could’ve sworn it was super shock until I was corrected. The pressed glitters are very fine shimmer but I did layer them to show opacity, I used Lit Cosmetics glitter glue for those. The palette overall was a nice spring palette, I even used this layered with the jellies and found it fun and easy to find combos to use

But you came here for swatches right?

Odd iPhone picture but it gives you perspective

Jelly much – $8 each : these were probably my favorite item from this release. I have used DOVES AND ROSES non stop on its own on my lids and it’s such a pretty duochrome. Photosynth sis is very similar to telepathy.

Creme lux lips – $7 each : I like that they did these in Creme finish, but the shades you prob already have something similar as they are pretty safe picks.

Matte super shock blushes – $8 each Ah these are pretty!!!!!! I love super shock blushes because they have such a gorgeous finish on the face. If you can only pick one get NO VACANCY.

Let’s break them down by swatch :


Must haves: the palette, the jellies, no vacancy blush!

Safe to skip: lippies. They’re cute but dupeable.

Remember to save 10% with code BEAUTYCULT. Click HERE TO SHOP!

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