Sulwhasoo Snowise EX White Ginseng Exfoliating Gel: First Impressions

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Sulwhasoo Snowise ex White Ginseng Exfoliating Gel is my first ever SULWHASOO product!

I was curious about this brand for a while and Beautylish was amazing enough to send me some of their stuff to test so this was one of my picks.

This is $60 and you can purchase Here

I used this as a scrub and as a mask, both ways I find it to be quite pleasant to the skin. As a scrub, the granules are very soft and don’t feel abrasive on my sensitive skin, the result is a gentle exfoliation and you can feel the scent on the product as you scrub away, which is mild and I personally found: therapeutic.

As a mask, I applied while I was getting ready to shower and left on about 10min to lather and wash away once I was showering. As a mask, you’ll feel more of the honey components as the light warmth will be noticeable, it also works as a moisturizing agent and the scrubbing beads don’t melt away so you can still gently exfoliate your face at the end of your masking process. My pores were not 100% clean and clear on first use, but it did exfoliate dryness and skin particles that tend to peel during the cold weather. .


Have you tried Sulwhasoo ? What other products should I test as review for you guys!?! .

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