New OMNIA Brushes: Review and Discount Code

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Royal & Langnickel OMNIA Brushes

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‘With a history deeply rooted in the manufacture of fine art brushes, Royal & Langnickel introduces OMNIA®. OMNIA®represents our next generation, luxury, makeup brush line. These exquisite beauty tools have been carefully handcrafted using the finest materials available. OMNIA features makeup artist’s favorite beauty brushes as well as fine art brush shapes and sizes for the best applications.’

In case you’re not familiar with Royal & Langnickel, they have almost 70 years of experience in manufacturing both art and beauty brushes. They currently have 12 brush lines each tailored to a different customer. I have a lot of their Moda brushes which is their affordable, more trendy and youthful line and they’re great. But their OMNIA brushes are where it’s at! This is their artistry line so they are a little more pricey but the quality and design is top notch. A few weeks ago they launched a new line of Omnia brushes. This collection features a professional design and their revolutionary OMNILUX filaments – vegan fibers that are manufactured with a synthetic cuticle to mimic a natural hair, all while being soft as a kitten. There’s 25 new brushes that I’ve divided into three groups below. Because theres so many brushes, I’m going to try to keep my descriptions brief so that this post isn’t ridiculously long. And just a reminder, you can use our affiliate code BEAUTYCULT to save 10% off of all Royal & Langnickel products!

Section 1

BOM 195 ($17.99)- bronze the face or brush off excess powder with this deluxe sized fan brush. This a huge fan brush that I use exactly like the description suggests. I know that a lot of people use fan brushes for highlighting, contouring and everything in between but I personally prefer smaller brushes that allow for more precision for anything like that

BOM 142 ($24.99)- this elite, extra large foundation brush features dense filaments with a curved edge for a buildable, medium to full coverage finish. This is a very densely packed, paddle style foundation brush. I like this brush for painting on my foundation before I blend it with a beauty blender

BOM 100 ($29.99)- deluxe paddle shaped powder brush with delicate, round tips to luxuriously powder the face and body. You guys… if you get just one of these brushes, it should be the BOM 100. I’m truly shocked that it’s synthetic. It feels just like blue squirrel even after being washed at least half a dozen types. I have a Hakuhodo brush that’s nearly identical to this one (it’s old and the number has long since worn off) and I know that I paid over $100 for it. This is an excellent all over powder brush and I’ve used nearly daily since I got it.

BOM 141 ($14.99)- symmetrical bristles flare out into a flat top to create the perfect surface for buffing foundation into the skin. This is a flat top kabuki brush. I used to swear by this style of brush for my foundation back in the day. I’ve used it several times and I like it but as mentioned above, I prefer a paddle style foundation brush to apply product and then a beauty blender to finish up

BOM 110 ($24.99)- achieve a soft contour or a subtle flush of color on to the apples of the cheeks. This is a great multitasker brush that you can use for blush, bronzer, contouring etc. It’s on the smaller side (see the group shot in the beginning for reference) and slightly tapered so I’ve been using it to set my under eye. Again it’s extremely soft and to me it feels just like my blue squirrel brushes

BOM 130 ($26.99)- this long, round brush tapers into a pointed tip to apply powder products with expert precision. This brush is a bigger, more fluffy version of the BOM 110. I’ve been using it mostly for bronzer

BOM 255 ($11.99)- this small duo fiber brush stipples powder, cream or liquid products for a light, airy finish onto targeted areas of the face. This guy is my official brush for applying ColourPop blushes, especially bright colors. It allows for a light, subtle application.

BOM 180 ($20.99)- this medium density, dome shaped brush meticulously blends complexion makeup all over the face. I’ve been using the 180 for powder blushes and also for buffing setting powder all over the face.

I love this first group of brushes. The only two that I wouldn’t personally repurchase are the BOM 195 large fan brush and the BOM 141 flat top foundation brushes. They’re both excellent quality, they’re just not brushes that I reach for often when doing my makeup

Section 2

BOM 235 ($13.99)- this large foundation brush has a straight edge for precise application of cream or liquid products. This is a great brush for applying liquid foundation or cream contour. I prefer a more rounded shape for foundation and I rarely use cream contour products so it’s not a brush that I use very often

BOM 230 ($7.99)- this dynamic brush allows for meticulous contour and concealer application. Again I’m not one for cream contouring so I’ve mostly used this brush for carving out my eyebrows

BOM 456 ($5.99)- instantly define the eyes with liner or shadow using the chiseled bristles. This is a great brush for tight lining or eyeliner. The shape allows you to apply product directly to the base of the lashes

BOM 230 and BOM 456 side by side

BOM 448 ($11.99)- can be used for blending color on the lids, adding blush or highlighter or precision contouring. This brush reminds me a lot of the Smith highlighter brush. It’s great for applying cream highlighters

BOM 400 ($14.99)- sweep product evenly over the entire lid using this large, paddle style shader. This is a nice big shader brush that I love for setting my eye primer

BOM 402 ($7.99)- smoke out the upper and lower lash lines. The small shade provides concentrated color. This is a little baby shader brush that allows for precise application in small areas like the inner corner or the lower lash line

BOM 430 ($9.99)- blend shadows into the crease for added definition. The 430 is a nice fluffy crease brush great for applying your transition color.

BOM 460 ($9.99)- creates bold definition in the crease and outer corners. This is a dense angled crease brush. It’s not a style that I personally care for when doing my eye makeup

From this section I love the BOM 448 for cream highlighters and the precision BOM 402 brush. I like the BOM 456 liner brush, BOM 430 blending brush and the BOM 400 large shader. I wouldn’t repurchase the BOM 235 precise foundation brush, the BOM 230 flat concealer brush or the BOM 460 angled shader. Again there’s nothing wrong with those brushes, they’re just not shapes that I personally gravitate towards

Section 3- I changed photo format for this last group. Don’t ask me why. Sorry for lack of cohesion

BOM 525 ($5.99)- apply mascara with this micro fan brush to lift and define lashes. I’m not going to lie, I haven’t used this one. I don’t stray from a typical wand for my mascara application

BOM 225 ($9.99)- conceal imperfections with targeted precision. This is a nice flat concealer brush great for covering blemishes and applying under eye concealer and eye primer

BOM 416 ($9.99)- this brush is perfect for adding finishing touches or applying shadow along the lower lash line. Add glitter, shimmers or gloss on top of shadows or highlight the inner corner. The 416 is another great shader brush. It’s slightly fluffy but still firm enough to apply cream products

BOM 601 ($5.99)- the small round shape of this brush allows for perfect lip application. The 601 is a great lip brush. It’s very thin and firm and the rounded shape allows for precise application even without a lip pencil

BOM 420 ($7.99)- intensify your look by lightly smudging liners and shadows with the tapered tip. The 420 is a dense pencil brush great for smudging or to build product on the outer corner for a smoky eye.

BOM 435 ($5.99)- the expertly tapered bristles on this small brush allow for flawless, detailed smudging of the lash line. The 435 is a little baby pencil brush. I’ve been using it to smoke out my lower lash line and to highlight my inner corners.

BOM 420 and BOM 435 side by side

BOM 485 ($5.99)- flawlessly the line the eyes with the tapered tip, which allows for total application control. The 485 is pointed liner brush. I think that mine might have been defective because it was shedding so for that reason I didn’t use it. I have a TON of Royal & Langnickel brushes and none of them have ever shed a single hair. Even the inexpensive Moda brushes. So having a new brush shed is not at all typical of the brand.

BOM 490 ($4.99)- ideal for creating clean, precise lines, this small sized brush features a narrow angled edge. The 490 is a great liner brush. It’s very firm and thin but still soft. It’s been my go to brush for applying my dip brow.

From this last group I’m crazy about the 490 angled liner brush, the tiny 435 pencil brush and the 601 lip brush. I’m also enjoying the 420 pencil brush, the 416 shader and the 225 concealer. The 525 mini fan isn’t a brush that I have much use for and I don’t think that I can fairly speak on the 485 pointed liner.

The OMNIA brushes are excellent and I highly recommend that you try a few. I’m especially impressed with their face brushes. For years I’ve sworn by natural fiber brushes because synthetic just didn’t measure up. However that is definitely changing and I’m glad to own some incredible quality brushes that I can use and post on social media without feeling guilty! Thanks in advance if you use our affiliate code BEAUTYCULT to save 10% when purchasing any Royal & Langnickel products!

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