ColourPop ‘Just My Luck’ Palette vs Huda Beauty ‘Emerald Obsessions’ Palette

ColourPop ‘Just My Luck’ Palette ($12) vs Huda Beauty ‘Emerald Obsessions’ Palette ($27)

A few weeks back I compared the CP It’s My Pleasure palette to Huda Amethyst Obsessions (click here) and they were really similar so I thought that I was sensing a pattern when CP released a 9 pan green palette. Well I was wrong. These two palettes have very little in common.

The huda palette is more sparkly. It has 3 mattes and 6 shimmers and 3 of those shimmers are super glittery. CP, in comparison, has 5 mattes and 4 shimmers and only 1 shade (Mary Jane) that I’d consider to be heavy on the glitter. Cp has a slightly more warm toned color story whereas Huda is a bit cooler with more blue based greens.

Since the mini Huda palettes don’t have shadow names, I numbered the fingertip swatches for your reference, with 1 being in the upper left corner, 5 being in the middle, 9 being in the lower right corner etc. There’s only one shade that I’d consider to be a dupe, the mint green matte (Chances Are… and 2). But I did finger swatches for any thing even remotely similar.

Act Natural vs 2- Act Natural is darker and more green. 2 is more blue

Charmed vs 7- Charmed is a dark olive tinged brown. 7 is taupe

Mary Jane vs 9- Mary Jane is a bright acid green. 9 is a soft ivory with strong yellow gold reflects

Olive U vs 8- these two are in the same olive color family but 8 is much darker and more brown.

Big Banks vs 5- Big Banks is a bright seafoam green. 5 is a sparkly turquoise. Not even remotely similar

Here’s Big Banks again next to 3 which is a cool mint green with glitter

And here’s 3 next 50-50…

I haven’t used either palette yet so I can’t say if one is better than the other. I only bought the Huda palette so that I could compare it to CP and I’ve only had both palettes for a few days. I prefer CP as a brand overall and obviously $12 is a more appealing price than $27 but they’re two very different palettes. If you’re a green/ blue green lover you could easily justify owning both. Otherwise I think it depends on which color story you prefer.

What do you guys think?? Do you prefer one over the other or do you like both?

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  1. I was kind of interested in the Huda palette but didn’t get it because I’m not super into cool toned shadows. I got the CP palette a couple of days ago and I haven’t used it yet, but I love the color story. Thank you for the comparison!


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