Jamie Makeup Swag Bag: First Bag unboxing!

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Jamie Greenberg is a known makeup artist for the stars (literally peruse her insta to see the many names that trust her to make them Oscars ready and Grammy prepped). She also had one of the first collabs with ColourPop (IN BLOOM and then later with the SQUAD set) when the original super shock highlighter ever came out (a brush up on your CP history!). Ive always looked up to this awesome woman and when she sent her first ever subscription bag “SWAG BAG” I was honored to be able to feature it.

First off the deets, click here to sign up:

This will be a monthly bag , it costs $69.99, has over $150 worth of cosmetics (this first one has over $300…) has only 55 spots this month but they are planning on increasing every month the available spots to subscribe. Ships Fedex and instead of featuring random products donated by brands, this contains curated items that have been staples in Jamie’s kit in real life makeup situations with real life celebrity clients. The website itself is a way for Jamie to connect to her following and offers an interactive way to be part of her experience, she is a true “girls’ girl” and wants this to be a way of her expanding her squad. I have personally talked many times with Jamie, I think she is a superb MUA and the sweetest truest human.

Enough! the bag! it comes wrapped as a gift so it looked this way

The Contents:

Bando Carryall DUO $10 :

A little bag tied with an inner pouch. I have received millions of these style bags via other sub boxes (ipsy, pop sugar, sephora) and i always find uses for them: to keep bobby pins, to separate makeup samples, to put makeup gifts in for bdays and holidays, my kid LOVES them to put her hatchimals and other trinkets in. I’m always looking for one for one use or the other.

From their site:

  • Small: 8 in. x 3.8 in.
  • Large: 10 in. x 7 in.
  • Nylon
  • Metal hardware
  • Surface design by Maddy Nye!
  • Carabiner to connect the two pouches!
  • Metallic gold hardware

Wander Beauty – Baggage claim gold eye masks 6 pairs box $25: Im excited to try these and see if they work, hubs and I are planning a netflix binge and I always sneak in a mask of sorts.

IS CLINICAL Cleansing Complex $42 :

I never heard of this brand but this is a clarifying wash: meaning its recommended before facials, before you apply your skincare and it even removes makeup. Keeping.

Jouer Essential palette $40

This is a pretty palette, don’t get me wrong, but I personally have a million neutral palettes laying around as I reach for colors and duo chrome. This makes an excellent choice of gift for my favorite sister in law’s bday!.

DIOR Lacquer in “Sassy” $37

ooooOOOOOO! Im a sucker for Dior and Im a sucker for these shades.

Stila Convertible Color Dual Lip/Cheek cream in “Lillium”$25

Ive been into dewy looks for a while so I will def be using this.

CHUDA Healing Hydrating cream $150

Another brand I had no idea of but im glad to have found. Back story: I had briefly read that this helped chafed compromised skin and the baby came home with irritated skin from rubbing her runny nose with her sleeve, I was desperate and put it on her chafed cheeks. This morning her face was 90% back to normal!!! overnight. Im sold, having rosacea and other irritable skin situations, this is a god sent.


Thrive Liquid Lash Extensions Mascara $24

MASCARA! I switch up my mascara every 2-3 months wether its used or not, as soon as you open it, you let bacteria in and Im not here to get irritations and the sort. I switch my mascara faster than I can remember when was the last time, I have sensitive contact wearing eyes. I just have to.

Financial analysis: $353 total value for only $69.99. Dude.

I was sent complimentary for review but still, I would be more than happy to pay the $69 as it was a good value, maybe not monthly but quarterly. $70 is something to put on the budget, perhaps having half the items and making it $35 would set better on most pockets? Also, I wish there was more of a “theme” but this is their first bag so Im hoping the next months have a more thematic release.

Overall, It is still a deal and I found use for most items already. Im writing this with a heavy dose of that godly moisturizer. I liked it, its full of items that I can easily put into my rotation or easily give away as they are all FULL SIZE.

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  1. Hey, thanks for the amazing review! Gosh this was such a good box! I wish I had such a good subscription service around that sends high end brands


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