Zoella x Colourpop – review, swatches and brunch kiki

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Zoella x Colourpop is the introduction to UK bloggers at the request of European colourpoppettes. The brand wanted to be inclusive to our over the pond peeps and chose Zoella as their first British Collaborator with a brunch themed collection heavy on pretty imagery, what it lacked on bright colors shade wise, compensated in buzz as there was so much talk about this and a lot of mixed emotion. I want to clarify that in my opinion, collabs should stay true to the collaborator, and from the little I’ve seen about zoella’s style, this is cohesive to her aesthetic and the shades she uses, that said pale girls rejoice as the entire thing will suit fair tones beautifully whereas medium tan and up might be able to pull off supernovas, palette and the red lips and safely skip face powders.

Bundled Prices

Supernova shadow bundle (2 supernova) – $14

UML bundles (UML + Lippie pencil) – $11.50 each

^ there three diff lip bundles

Palette $18

Bag itself $10

Zoella PR $89 comes with bag and stickers

Disclosure: I didn’t know who Zoella was until this collab, apparently there has been some drama surrounding this blogger but I have nor the facts or the history behind it so I am not letting this influence my review nor will I accept derogatory comments. You can express your opinion freely but please no calling names.

Let’s get to this!


This was my favorite for a specific reason: it’s a perfect daytime palette, it can transition to night time easily paired with supernovas, however we have seen this combo a lot: neutral with a pop of blue as it was the go to combination for a few brands and a lot of you felt the palette felt flat like a mimosa that’s been left standing, since the bright packaging suggested somehow that there would be a spring burst of colors.

Let’s be honest: this is a palette you will use to go to brunch, easily applying shades that’ll match most your outfits. This is a safe palette for beginners as not everyone is looking to wear “oh la la” at 11am.

The lip bundles $11.50 (liner and ultra matte lip)

Little one : a warm beige

@me a rosy mauve

self Love Club: a pink based red.

These are similar to other ColourPop shades but since I’m on vacay I can’t exactly compare. Get them if you’re a collector or just overall a classics fiend, otherwise the shades might be similar to others in your stash.

The liners

A black and borne Creme gel liner on deco orange packaging.

The super novas: my second favorite set!!! They look similar on the bottle but are a tad different. OG is a shimmery gold and BELLINI is a bronze/rose gold.

The powders! these are a pink blush and a duochrome peach pink highlighter, unfortunately these are super light in color so they didn’t show on my skin too much. Pale girls beware: these are after your coin!!

Overall: I liked the supernovas and the palette, the lip stuff we’ve seen before, the liners are basic colors and good to have extras of, the face powders are going to suit faired beauties but the highlighter might still show as a light sheen.

Packaging was the best and a whole new game for ColourPop, I wanna see more.

48hour FREE INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING – no codes needed for that but you can get 10% off using code BEAUTYCULT which applies for other goodies on the site.


  1. The packaging is cute, and I did get the palette because I’m a compulsive collector of CP palettes, and I do wear a lot of rosy neutrals so I can do a dark/ bright lip. But what I’m really looking forward to is new Super Shocks. Surely it must almost be time for the spring releases? Hope so!

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