New Makeup Geek x Target Quads: Info and Swatches

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Makeup Geek X Target Quads ($21.99)

Have you guys seen these new Makeup Geek Cosmetics quads for Target?? If they’re not available at your local store (or if you’re like me and prefer not leave the house under any circumstances), you can also purchase them online. These palettes are Target exclusive and 6 of the quads feature brand new shades! Sidebar- if you’re planning on picking up one of their new 8 pan palettes (Champagne RosΓ¨ or Peach Bellini), I recommend doing so on Makeup Geek’s website. They’re only $18 with our affiliate code BEAUTYCULT and they’re $28 at Target. Okay! Back to the matter at hand…

🌈 Purple Passion (Day Dreamer, Latte, Bottom Line, Curfew)- this quad has one foiled shadow, two mattes and one shimmer. Bottom Line is a new shade. It’s deep, shimmery chocolate brown with gold sparkle. Also I think that Curfew was retired and it’s one of my favorite MUG mattes so get it while ya can!

🌈 Summer Surprise (Shimma Shimma, Summer Lovin’, Peach Smoothie, Inner Peace)- this quad has three mattes and one shimmer and includes one new shade, Inner Peace. It’s a deep teal matte and it’s ridiculously pigmented. I really hope they decide to release it as a single

🌈 Vivacious (Sensuous, Buffed, So Pale, Creased)- this quad includes three mattes and one shimmer. All four shades are from the permanent line

🌈 Joyful Jade (Thrive, Creased, Artemis, Dark Roast)- this quad includes two mattes and two shimmers and one new shade, Thrive. It’s a rich emerald green with a shimmer finish

🌈 Amazing Amber (Spirited, Tan Lines, Aphrodite, Burlesque)- this quad includes two mattes and two shimmers and one new shade, Spirited. It’s a warm, slightly brassy, gold with a creamy shimmer finish

🌈 Caramel Coffee (Grandstand, Creme Brulee, Wild West, Carbon)- this quad includes one foiled shadow and three mattes and one new shade, Carbon. Carbon is a soft black matte.

🌈 Naturally Nude (Legend, Down to Earth, So Pale, Embellished)- this quad includes one foiled shadow, one shimmer and two mattes. The mattes, Down to Earth and Embellished, are both new shades. Down to Earth is a soft, dove gray and Embellished is a dark cool toned brown

🌈 Bronze Solstice (Legend, Tan Lines, Peach Smoothie, Morocco)- the quad includes one foiled shadow and three mattes. All four shades are from their permanent collection

🌈 Infatuation (Grandstand, Shimma Shimma, Frappe, Aphrodite)- this quad includes one foiled shadow, one shimmer and two mattes. All four shades are permanent

I’m digging these little palettes. When I do my makeup, I feel the need to use approximately 27 crease colors and I have no idea why. Four colors is really all you need. I’m hoping that these guys will inspire me to start keeping it simple! My top picks are Purple Passion and Caramel Coffee. Just because those color combos speak to me the most not because they’re superior in quality.

What are your thoughts? Will you be seeking out these MUG quads next time that you do a Target run??


  1. Will MUG put these up on their site? I dread going into Target, and my experience ordering from them on-line hasn’t been much better. I love MUG but initially was going to pass on these because 4 pan palettes just aren’t enough options for me! I had the other 4 pan MUG palettes (Always, Forever, Dream and Wish) and got rid of them — not because they weren’t good but only 4 shadows bores me (and I had most, if not all, of the shadows in other MUG palettes). So I get your need for 27 different crease colors.


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