ColourPop BFF LIQUID LINERS! swatches, review

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Just when you think ColourPop has figured out a way to have your entire face Colourpopped, BAM! they drop a brand new item you didn’t realize you needed.

Behold: The Brand new BFF Liquid Liners in 7 poppin colors, SHOP HERE ON RELEASE!. These are dropping on Feb 15th , and will cost $8 EACH.


The liners have a felt tip fine point with deco all over the casing in the color of the liner itself. They are rub proof but not waterproof, but fine enough for the slickest of wings.

NUMERO UNO: black!

GRACELAND: white!! crazy white lining vixens rejoice!

MAKE LUV yellow!

THE HILLS: MY FAV!  a forest green

CRZY: my least favorite, a dark navy blue that had some feathering unfortunately

DUCKY: Pink!!!

TRY ME: red! red!!!

Sneak peek from last week me wearing the green one over a gray green shadow!

Are you picking up any?

One comment

  1. 100% sold on the green. And pink and red! They’re just like Dior’s new liquid liners that came out late last year but cheap AF!!! Rejoice! Lol


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