Ole Henriksen Glow OH Dark Spot Toner – Review and 1.5 months progression pics!

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Ole Henriksen sent me their Glow OH Dark Spot Toner for review in December, I had seen the likes of Desi Perkins promoting it and I already know Desi has like perfection complexion (or so I thought) she showed some pretty promising before and after pictures so I went to do my own progression pictures, given that it actually worked.

I had already been using and repurchasing Ole’s Truth Serum during the day (it gives me a glow, and makes my moisturizer “take” for longer, also makes my face smoother). I am already using on and off their Sheer Transformation perfecting moisturizer to ‘set” my serum and early December I purchased Good Night Glow Retin ALT Sleeping Creme and Glow Cycle Power Serum both of which I was using on and off because sometimes I honestly forgot BUT I did use consistently the toner every night after washing my face and every other morning.

Lets get to the pictures:

I have always been upfront with you guys: I have pores, I have some spots cause I have picked my face, I have some lines because I’m not 19 anymore so here are some problem areas.

I started Dec 19th 2019, using the toner once at night every night, and once every other morning.

Lets point out my areas of concern for this specific project: I have some freckling aka SUN DAMAGE, a spot by my mouth caused by repeatedly picking a pimple there. I have some hormonal acne on the sides of my chin and I have big ass pores, also dull complexion. My face looks really like meh. 

One month after (tehee ignore the fact I’m wearing pink mascara please, this was the same day I was taking the lash swatches for CP).  I see that overall my skin looks brighter, my pores are cleaner and the freckles are starting to soften. 

Lets point out what Im referring to, notice the pores on my nose aren’t as congested and my face looks overall brighter. 

One month, 20 days later the scars on my chin have faded a bit. I don’t see much change on my freckles, but the spot by my mouth is fading. Also notice my nose is amazingly cleaner and my face overall brighter and glowy!!

From a dull face, to a significantly cleaner brighter complexion. 

Pardon this closeup of my gross nose pores

Overall, and just because this is going to seem like it: NO, THIS IS NOT SPONSORED! I decided to do this test because I had problem areas, and I too have been victim of buying things that promise change but these are my real pictures and Im always honest with y’all. It didn’t completely get rid of my sun spots, but it did soften the scar by my mouth and helped with my pores a great deal. I feel my skin is glowy, softer and greatly improved texture!. 

I am incorporating it to my daily routine permanently and perhaps do a second check a few months down the line!. 

If you do decide to purchase, we would like to thank you for using our links! 

Shop Glow OH Dark Spot Toner HERE!! 

Edited to add a little crappy iPhone pic I took with makeup so you see the difference texture has on how my makeup looks!

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