ESUM Cosmetics New G34 and X52 Brushes – comparison and review

Sample. Affil link.

Esum Cosmetics dropped two new brushes to their line – exclusive to Muse beauty pro ! And I’m here to break it down: ⁣

The G34 did shed a little bit on first wash, but did not shed at all when using, I compared to their existing S33 blending brush and it’s a longer head with fluffier (denser ) bristles. It was great for blending powder on the eye as goat hair brushes always do, I somewhat prefer white undyed goat hairs but that’s just me. This brush blended well, was soft on the lid but not large enough that you lost precision, it managed to get in the crease of my hooded eyes. $36 at Muse Beauty Pro. ⁣

The X52 is a highlighter brush with a tapered end but not so pointy tip, it won’t be as accurate to highlight the nose area but it’s great for cheeks and for applying highlighter and blending it With your blush seamlessly. It’s medium sized enough that you can use it with blush too and even bronzer if you like a smaller targeted area (think the hairline, slight contour etc). The bristles were excellent to pick up baked powders and blend foiling highlighters Like my Ofra BLISSFUL. I compared to the X52 which is a larger version and more in the league of overall bronzing powders and setting powders (think meteorites etc). $49 at Muse Beauty ⁣Pro

CLICK HERE to shop at Muse! Don’t forget to sign up for pro discount if you’re a MUA! ⁣

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