New Makeup Geek Valentine’s Day Palettes (Peach Bellini and Champagne & Rosé): Swatches, First Impressions and Discount Code

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Makeup Geek just released two brand new, limited edition palettes just in time for Valentine’s Day! Let me preface this review by letting you know that I’m completely biased. MUG has been my favorite eyeshadow brand since their inception in 2011. They’re, hands down, my most used, most loved matte eyeshadows. I say mattes because when it comes to shimmers, I tend to reach for pigments over pressed shadows. Anyway. I’ve loved MUG for years and years and it was completely surreal when I started working with them after a few years of blogging. Of course, I always try to remain objective but MUG is my pet brand. Just putting that out there for the sake of full disclosure. Moving on.

The palettes just dropped on February 1st. They’re $20 each or $18, if you use our affiliate code BEAUTYCULT to save 10%. They’re 8 pan palettes with simple cardboard packaging and clear windows. They’re made in the US and each pan is .03oz. Both palettes have 5 mattes and 3 shimmers. Champagne & Rosé is blush tones and Peach Bellini has rust and peach tones.

When I posted the product photos on ig, the general consensus was that the palettes are boring. Fair enough. I like boring though and I think that they’re beautiful. These are the colors that I wear on a day to day basis and MUG eyeshadows are my favorite out of any brand. Period. If you’ve ever seen photos of my single shadow collection then you know that this is true. Those babies are used and abused. Granted these aren’t the most unique colors but there’s something to be said for high quality, neutral mattes that you know perform well and you’ll use all of the time. However if you’ve been into makeup for awhile and already own dozens of similar shades then of course, these palettes aren’t for you. And I understand your frustration if you’re a fan of MUG, like myself, and you want them to release something new and interesting already so that you can add it to your collection. I get it.

Anyway. Peach Bellini… this color scheme is pretty similar to Naked Heat.

Peaches is medium peachy orange. With a light hand it works well as a transition color for me but it also builds easily

Prosecco is a foiled shadow. It’s a peachy pink champagne with a smooth texture and good pigmentation

Bellini is a medium warm brown. It’s similar to Cocoa Bear but a bit more bright and vibrant

Nectar is a bright peachy coral with a matte finish.

Cheers is a deep reddish coppery bronze. It has a foiled finish with the creamy texture and pigmentation that you’d expect from a MUG foiled shadow

Juicy is a deep terracotta matte

Cocktail is a deep red bronze with a satin finish. It buffs out almost matte.

Venice is a deep plummy brown

Peach Bellini is my favorite of the two palettes so far. I gravitate towards the colors more and I also felt like it performed a bit better.

Champagne & Rosé

Palette number two! When I first got these palettes, I knew that my thoughts were going to depend greatly on the price. The colors are beautiful and they perform well. Those three foiled shadows… 😛. But the pans are on the small side for MUG (.03oz) and the packaging, while functional, is very simple. They are limited edition, made in the US and very pretty. And well worth $18, imo. Two simple, affordable palettes with feminine colors is a nice Valentine’s Day release but like everyone else, I expect more from them with this rebrand.

I’ve only used the Champagne & Rosé palette once so far so I’m not going to attempt to review it. But I wanted to get this post up so here are the swatches! I must say though that I was a bit disappointed with the shade Rosé. The color is right up my alley and although it swatched beautifully, I felt like it had the tendency to sheer out quite a bit with a crease brush.

Like I said previously, I do expect more from MUG with this rebrand. I feel like they’re floundering a bit trying to please everyone. A lot of people have been bitching about them overcharging and then they put out these affordable palettes and the same people are bitching about the cheap packaging. Basically some people just like to complain. I don’t think that these little palettes were a bad move for them but I hope that going forward, they stick to their roots. We shall see…

Once again these palettes are LE and $18 each with our affiliate code BEAUTYCULT. Are you planning on picking one up??


  1. I like them ! Not the crazy rebrand I thought we would get but I live cheaper ! My issue was seeing the palettes on Target for $9 more .. if they were exclusive to target I understand a price increase but we don’t usually get price jumps from brands quite like that at Sephora or Ulta .


  2. As soon as I heard MUG was releasing new palettes, I stalked the site until they were available and then immediately purchased them. Like you, I heart MUG and they are one of my favorite brands of eye shadow. These new ones should be delivered soon and I can’t wait to get my hands on them because I know I’ll love them.


  3. I was not interested but your review, the fact that makeup geek shadows have such a good reputation, and THE PRICE (!) are changing my mind


  4. Wow I didn’t even realized that MUG rebranded!!! They’ve really been struggling to find themselves this last two years huh. I wish they’d just have stuck to their original roots of single shadows bc those are coming back in style. These do look like Violet Voss or Ace palettes, but the price is good (the same basically as those brands). I sorta fell out of love with MUG back when they released the sparklers with no sifters tbh. Seems like a million years ago now in the beauty industry!


    • Those sparklers were a MESS. Which sucked because they were a beautiful product. I pressed a few of mine and used to use them a lot. Also either right before or after that they had another disaster with their pigment jars crumbling. Anyway. They’re in the process of rebranding and I hope they do more than this. It’s fine for an le release or whatever but I wish they’d release a bunch of new and fun single shadows. Also these palettes are made in the US unlike ace and VV which are made in China so their profit margin is probably a lot lower. Not that it matters much to the general public but I know that you appreciate those details


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