ColourPop ‘It’s My Pleasure’ vs Huda Beauty ‘Amethyst Obsessions’

ColourPop ‘It’s My Pleasure’ ($12) vs Huda Beauty ‘Amethyst Obsessions’ ($27)

These palettes definitely have very similar vibes and upon closer inspection, I’d say that 6 of the 9 shades are comparable. Not actual dupes imo (I’m anal af about what I consider to be dupe) but close enough to give you a similar look with either shade.

The Huda shadows don’t have names so I’m going number them, with the upper left corner being ‘1’, the middle shade being ‘5’, the lower right hand corner being ‘9’ etc.

💜 1 vs Bare Minimum- these are pretty similar but CP has blue glitter

🧡 2 isn’t comparable to anything in the CP palette

💛 3 is a lot darker and more pink than Kittenfish. They’re very different

💚 4 is darker and more purple than Sleeper

💙 5 vs Earthshine- these two are pretty similar but 5 is several shades darker and more purple

🖤 6 vs Chick Lit- actually I lied in the intro. I’d consider these two to be dupes. 6 might be a little more red but not much

❤ 7 vs Fan Fiction- these two are pretty close too. Fan Fiction is a little lighter and more cool toned

💖 8 isn’t comparable to anything in the CP palette

💗 9 vs Do or Dough- these two look different in the pans but quite similar on the skin. Do or Dough has blue glitter and a blue violet shift. 9 is sans glitter and more pink

Do you need both? Probably not. However I love the two unique shades in the huda palette, 2 and 7. The two unique shades in the CP palette, Pretty Cruel and Mr. Sandman, are both sold individually. Which is better? Eh… it’s a matter of opinion. I’ve heard some people say that they love the huda palette and others say that they hate it. I like both. I’ve only used the CP palette once so far but I really like it and it’s less than half the price, made in the US and I like ColourPop better as a brand overall. What do you guys think?? Do you prefer one over the other?

Ps. I currently have two codes with ColourPop: ANGELA5 and AM91-ANGELAMARYTANNER they’re both for $5 off. They’re not affiliate codes, just for ya’ll to save a few bucks. That is all.


  1. I actuall like more Colourpopon swatches.It looks more bright in a way..may be because of those himmer shades. And thank you for the code! If only Colourpop made free international shipping suddenly.. that would make me even more glad:D p.s. I have to paypostal fee on everything above 10 $ (including shipping), and shippingis 10$ already 😀


  2. OK you convinced me. I’m definitely going with the CP palette! The only shade I like better in the Huda one is 5. Does CP have a shadow that’s closer to 5 than Earthshine?


  3. Really interesting comparison. I wish colourpop sold in Canada for Canadian prices. I know I can do the conversion but…. I love my amethyst palette but I’m a slut for Huda. Lol. I’ve been really interest in the It’s My Pleasure palette as well. I know you said you probably don’t need both but maybe I’ll make my husband get it for me for Valentines day! This was great! Good job!


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