OFRA X FRANCESCA TOLOT COLLECTION: First Impressions, Swatches and Discount Code


‘There’s a reason that Francesca Tolot is one of the most renowned makeup artists in the industry. It is her exquisite color sensibility and fine arts background that bring a refined quality to her craft, translating to unforgettable moments on film, video and in print.’

You may not recognize the name, Francesca Tolot but I guarantee you’d recognize her work. She’s created some of the most iconic looks in the past few decades. Francesca is an Italian makeup artist who’s worked with every A-list celebrity imaginable including Madonna, Faith Hill, Shakira, Christina Aguilera, Alicia Keys, Gwen Stefani, Elizabeth Taylor, Marion Cotillard, Nicole Kidman, Julia Roberts and Chloe Moretz. And of course the one and only Beyonce! Francesca has done her makeup for Super Bowl performances, Vogue covers, major motion pictures and 40 music videos. You guys get the point… the woman is a legend! And now we all get the chance to own something created by Francesca Tolot!

She’s teamed up with Ofra Cosmetics to design a three part collection which includes:

Infinite Eyeshadow Palette ($39.20, w/ affil code BEAUTYCULT)

Gilded Face Palette ($39.20, w/ affil code BEAUTYCULT)

Long Lasting Liquid Lip Set ($40, w/ affil code BEAUTYCULT)

And there’s a Free Gift with Purchase when you buy anything from the collection: a Mini Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick in the shade Oro, a metallic gold created by Francesca Tolot. This shade isn’t available for purchase, only as a GWP.

I just got this collection a few days ago and I’ve only used it once so far but I wanted to post swatches awhile even though I’m not ready to do review yet. Also as of now, the collection isn’t available at Ulta but I’m sure that they’ll be getting it in the next week or two. It will be full price at Ulta and you won’t be able to get the free lippie but you could always wait for a 20% coupon. Okay so starting with the palette…

Infinite Eyeshadow Palette ($49 or $39.20 w/ affil code BEAUTYCULT)- both the face and eye palettes are hard, white compacts with a paint splatter design on the front (Green on the eye palette. Red on the face palette). The palettes have snap closures, large mirrors and removable pans. Although it is easy to get makeup smudges on white packaging, the palettes can be wiped off with a damp rag and they don’t appear to stain easily. I got liquid lipstick on mine and it wiped off no problem.

The eye palette has a mixture of brights and neutrals, warm and cool tones and mattes and shimmers. Far be it from me to question Francesca’s genius and she has tons of gorgeous looks created with the collection all over her Instagram. But personally I don’t get a sense of cohesion from the color scheme. To me it seems like two different palettes, one that’s light and bright and another that’s dark and sultry.

Venus (bright magenta matte)

Vitruvian (muted orange matte)

Chartreuse (lime green with gold flecks)

#Mood (mauve plum satin)

10K (neutral silvery gold shimmer)

Aurora (muted lilac duochrome)

Oscuro (carbon black matte)

Tempest (bright navy matte)

Turchese (grayish teal shimmer)

As far as performance, the only shade that gave me difficulty was Chartreuse. I felt like it wasn’t as pigmented as the rest of the palette. While I could get opaque color pay off when applied in a packing motion, I noticed that it lost intensity when blended. The shade Aurora is absolutely stunning. I’m definitely popping that pan into my ‘day to day’ magnetic palette. And the shade in the middle, 10K, makes an amazing highlighter for fair skin.

🖌Gilded Face Palette ($49 or $39.20 w/ a code)- the face palette includes two buildable bronzers with satin finishes and two liquid-to-baked sheen blushes, which is a new formula for Ofra. I absolutely love that the bronzers are satin and the blushes are shimmery. I feel like most ‘beauty gurus’ push matte products to the point where people think they can’t use a shimmery blush without looking like a disco ball. Not true. Satin finishes are so much softer and more flattering. Moving on…

Bisque (neutral bronze shimmer)
Bronzato (warm tan shimmer)
Versus (pinkish peach)
Venezia (bright coral)

I think this palette will suit a lot of skin tones. I had to be very light handed for application on my fair skin but I liked the results. It would definitely work for medium skin tones and I’d venture that tan to deep complexions could make it work too.

🎨Long Lasting Liquid Lip Set ($50 for the set or $20 each, $40/$16 w/ a code)- and last but not least… the lippies! I’ve only used Baroque so far and I love it. And I like Ofra’s lipstick formula in general.

Vermillion (a vibrant red)
Ruby (a wine berry)
Baroque (a pink nude with gold flecks)

And there you have it! Like I said, I’ve only used the collection once but based on my first impressions, I would buy the face palette and Baroque lippie and pass on the rest. If Aurora ever became available as a single, I’d buy it a heartbeat but I don’t see myself reaching for the eyeshadow palette beyond that shade. What do you guys think of this collection?? Anything catching your eye?

One comment

  1. I really like the layout and the fact that the face palette has different sized pans. A healthy amount of bronzer with a touch of shimmer 🙂


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