ColourPop Cosmetics “ITS MY PLEASURE” Palette swatches


PURPLE RAINNNNNNNNNNNN PURPLE RAIN! ugh it was about time a purple palette came along, see cult: I used to be all about purple, then I went through a phase where I wanted nothing to do with it, lasted a few years and last year I slowly creeped my way back in, slowly falling in love again with berries, violets, lavenders all the way to deep aubergine and eggplants.. and just when I thought I had all the purple I could need..


Its my Pleasure palette drops Thursday 1/17/19 10am pst, has a few repromos but they’re great shades I wouldn’t mind having in a compact form like this and a mirror to boot, making it the winter getaway palette for sho.

Price $12


Sun vs Indoor swatches : because things will look completely different!

Some videos and iPhone pictures, I feel iPhone picks up color a different way

I legit give two thumbs up for this palette, it’s got a a ton of combos I’m going to do and can transition easy from day to night and right into spring.

One comment

  1. This palette is definitely eye-catching and looks really pretty, but I wish brands would start including more purple mattes! Love all your swatch photos! Very helpful!


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