Ace Beaute ‘Flair’ Palette: Review, Swatches and Discount Code

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Ace Beaute Flair Palette ($38.99, -10% w/ affiliate code BEAUTYCULT)

Ace Beaute has been killing it with their palettes the last few months. I’d barely recovered from the excitement of their Paradise Collection when they dropped this bomb on us. I mean seriously, how gorgeous is this palette??

The Flair Palette has pretty standard cardboard packaging with magnetic closures and a mirror. It’s has 15 full sized eyeshadows (1.6g each) with a total weight of 24g. I love that it’s mostly matte and that each row has a distinct color story. The palette is definitely cruelty free and I think that it’s vegan but I’m not certain. There’s no carmine or any other obvious animal products in the ingredient list but it also isn’t labeled as vegan on the website as far I can tell.

This isn’t going to be a proper review because even though I’ve had this palette for a few months now, I’ve still only used it a handful of times. I’ve just been slacking. I was sick for basically the entire month of December and blah blah excuses blah. But I wanted to get some swatches up awhile and tell ya my thoughts thus far!

Saffron is a bright red orange matte reminiscent of Slowburn from the UD Electric palette. I noticed that texture felt a little more thin and dry that the other mattes but that doesn’t negatively impact the performance, imo

Mirage is a bright red with a creamy foiled finish. It’s comparable to MUG Curtain Call

Aubergine is a mid-toned red violet matte. I’d compare it to ColourPop 143. Purples like these have a tendency to be problem children. Aubergine has good pigmentation and it applies smoothly. However I do feel like it has a tendency to sheer out, if I’m not gentle while blending.

Mulberry is a medium dusty mauve. I wish that it was about 2 shades lighter though. This palette has tons of great crease colors but not much in the way of transition shades for light skin. No biggie. I have 17,000 other palettes that I can dip in to if necessary. Fyi… Ace is a black owned brand so their eyeshadows are formulated to pop on brown skin. And like I said, the vast majority of palettes cater to fair skin, so I take back my previous statement about transition colors. I have no right to bitch

Biscotti is a pale pinky lavender with a heavy gold shift. It has a smooth, creamy texture and applies well with a brush

Cider is a medium mustard yellow with orange undertones. It’s one of those magical colors that flatters everyone

Firefly is a bright orange with a subtle yellow gold undertones.

Pumpkin is a medium brick orange matte. It’s kinda similar to Saffron but it’s a little deeper and not as red. The formula is smooth, pigmented and blends well

Hazelnut is a medium red brown with orange undertones. It’s similar to ABH Sienna

Acorn is a dark brown matte. I like that they kept the undertone neutral so that it can be used to add definition to a warm or cool toned look

Bayberry is a light steel blue with an extremely emollient texture and excellent color pay off. There’s only 4 shimmers in the this palette and I thought they did a great job of choosing interesting colors that haven’t been overdone

Forest Pine and Atlantis are both deep teal mattes. Atlantis pulls more blue and Forest Pine more green

Moss is a medium olive green. It performs similarly to the rest of the mattes. Smooth, pigmented and generally user friendly

Sherbet is a matte chartreuse. The color starts out a little sheer but builds easily. But I did notice that it seemed to fade faster than the rest of the mattes.

Let’s recap!

The Flair Palette is available now for $38.99 (-10% with affil code BEAUTYCULT). The brand is cruelty free but I’m not certain about their vegan status.

The good:

  • Simple, compact packaging
  • Mostly matte
  • Each row has a distinct color story
  • Great pigmentation
  • Minimal kickup
  • Generally a user friendly palette

The meh:

  • Not much in the way of transition shades for whiteys like myself
  • Aubergine needs to be blended gently to maintain it’s vibrancy
  • Sherbet faded on me after a few hours
  • I wish there was a shade darker than Acorn. A blackened plum or something

So yeah… it’s a pretty good palette! It manages to be diverse and cohesive at the same time and it’s a color scheme that will appeal to a lot of people. I can’t wait to see what they come out with next!

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