ColourPop Cosmetics “Velvet Blur” Lux Lipsticks – swatches.

Sample. Non affil code

Behold! This lineup of lippies stormed the castle this morning and took names! The new Velvet Blur Lux lipsticks drop 1/10/19 and will be $7 each.

These are sorta like the blotted lips in Lux bullet version: rich color with a soft focus finish.

This is one layer of color vs two layers.

See how soft and delicate the color glides on my arms?

This is how it looks on the lip, two swipes of color (SORRY NOT SORRY- that’s the name, not me being a smarty pants ) my lips weren’t prepped and I feel they settled on my semi cracked lips so PREP YOUR LIPS EVERY TIME YOU WEAR LIPSTICK! Use lipbalm, etc. But do it. Don’t expect your lips to look like them perfect pictures online and then blame the lipstick.

There’s 16 shades ranging from warm beige and nudes to darker vampy options

But you came here for swatches. So swatches I will give you! With closeups and split into color families. Because my love for you is never ending and gasp! My arm wasn’t so stained at the end so I’m not even mad.

Pick up a few, there’s a non affil code ANGELA5 that takes $5 off your final. Let me know if you’re picking any of them up!

Super obligatory in edited swatch reel:


  1. So are these like an intermediate between matte and satin? Or matte and cream? Some pretty shades are in there, that’s for sure! I have one of the matte lipsticks and it’s just too drying for me.


  2. Thanks for the swatches. Would you say this is somewhat similar to MAC’s Powderkiss lipsticks? The description makes it sound like it might have a similar finish. I think these colours look nicer, though!


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